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[PS4] Costume Changed on Transition From Ship

I finally unlocked Club Wear to go with the Formal Wear I'd been using with my Casual costume set and never had this problem beforehand when I was wearing an off-duty jacket. But now that I've changed my off-duty jacket to a Club Wear Jacket if I leave an area where I can change costume to go to my ship, when I return from my ship I'm back into my Uniform costume set. I don't set myself to my Casual set to have it taken back off again.


  • warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 9,427 Arc User
    Cryptic has decided certain clothes are only allowed to wear on certain maps. Club wear is one of them. So, that's unfortunately happening on purpose.

    Stupidest thing ever done in this game if you ask me.
  • byozuma#0956 byozuma Member Posts: 502 Arc User
    The biggest reason I even got the Formal Wear set is for the belt (thought it was a skirt... why isn't it a skirt) to go with one of the more robe-like tops. Club Wear seems to be the only other top that lets the belt work properly. I just want the belt to work for all tops, not just for Formal and Club sets.
  • sgtfloydpepper#7911 sgtfloydpepper Member Posts: 1,100 Arc User
    IMO, accessories like belts should be available on any type of costume. Especially with off-duty outfits, it's so hard to find a decent looking belt, because half of them are blocked behind the "uniform only" wall and vice versa in some cases.

    I say, cry fabulous and let slip the clogs of MORE! :D
  • byozuma#0956 byozuma Member Posts: 502 Arc User
    Well, the Formal belt has the additional functionality of skirt panels, which is what I was referring to. I so want those skirt panels on more outfits that just the Formal and Club Wear sets.
  • satsukixhimesatsukixhime Member Posts: 79 Arc User
    Unfortunately, the devs have been locked in conflict with the players over clothing options for as long as this game has existed. Clothes locked to one race, uniform parts only ever available as uniforms, cross faction boffs not getting their adopted factions gear, etc.

    I can see them forcing you into your faction's uniform slot when you would be "on duty". Other than that, all clothes should be open to all races in off duty slots. Players have begged for years, even found ways to glitch that into being. Devs have ignored them and patched out the workarounds.

    At least on PC they can swap among their costume slots at will; we have to go to a tailor.
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