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simonwaterssimonwaters Member Posts: 28 Arc User
I have noticed a problem with a number of starship bridges.

Bridges are in groups, variations of a certain template. I have noticed that a number of groups, the "Prime" bridge (The first on the list) is fine, but the other bridges in the group have serious flaws.

For example, The "Blaze" group of bridges (Blaze, Atlas, Pandora, and Caucasus) have a the following flaw.

The Blaze is fine, but the variants ( Atlas, Pandora, and Caucasus Bridges ) all have turbolift doors missing. A number of other groups have people sitting on, and sometimes IN, the Floor. I have come to accept when there are officers hovering over their station chairs, but it, too is annoying.

Personally, I would love to use the "Pandora" variant, but with the missing turbolift door, it is a distraction.

I've put in a ticket, but they said it must be a previously unreported bug. (I've been playing for over a year, and this problem has existed all this time.) I figured that somewhere in the weekly shard maintenance it would have been resolved, but it hasn't been yet.

Can someone please fix these errors?
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