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New Ships Suggestion & Observations

ometaklahnometaklahn Member Posts: 17 Arc User
I have a request and suggestion about new and updated ships. It would be nice to have a T6 and fleet version dyson destroyer vessels added to the game. For a ship designed from the tech resulting from the dyson sphere, it makes since that there are continual ongoing advancements coming out of there. I think that will play very well due to the current story line of the game with future tech being introduce & used. Also pertaining to the dyson sphere tech, it would be nice to offer a three ship variants like the 31st century ships, for example one tactical, science, cruiser (or better yet dreadnought with hanger bay; maybe two).

There needs to be a T6 patrol escort and fleet version. Also that ship should have five weapons in the front and three in the back (including rear tail gun that fire 360 degrees). I suggest that ship should have five bridge officers’ slots instead of the only four it currently has.

The last observation I have is that the Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser should've been made with five tactical upgrades instead of four and four engineering instead of five. Also it should have a full commander tactical/intel bridge officer station instead of being engineering. The reason I have for this is due to what Khan Noonien Singh said himself. We know clearly that he designed the vessel in his statements to Captain Kirk. He specifically stated that unlike most Starfleet ships this one was built "solely for combat". That is why I believe it should have been configure differently.

With all that being said, I again thank you for such a wonderful gaming experience. I hope you consider adding those ships to the game with those features. I believe there are many others who feel the same and would look toward to acquiring these additional ships into their fleet.
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  • anazondaanazonda Member Posts: 8,399 Arc User
    I want to read your post... i really do... But please: Add some paragraphs...

    The white on black text, added with the huge-block text... it's just a no-go.
    Don't look silly... Don't call it the "Z-Store/Zen Store"...
    Let me put the rumors to rest: it's definitely still the C-Store (Cryptic Store) It just takes ZEN.
    Like Duty Officers? Support effords to gather ideas
  • tm706tm706 Member Posts: 331 Arc User
    It's kinda like a borg ship in text form .
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  • ometaklahnometaklahn Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Thanks for the input.
  • sirmaydaysirmayday Member Posts: 535 Arc User
    I could go either way on T6 Dysons--probably wouldn't buy them, myself--but I disagree about the other suggestions. Even the T6 23rd c. ships aren't as blatantly overpowered as the T6 Patrol Escort you suggest (which, one might argue, should only be about as good as the already-available T6 Advanced Escort). Also, the Intel Dreadnaught is a cruiser--a rather large, heavy one at that. I've never seen a cruiser get Commander tactical BOff seating, and I can think of only one cruiser (technically a battlecruiser, at that) that takes five tactical consoles. Reconfiguring the Intel Dreadnaught along the lines of your suggestions would give it most of the best of both escort and cruiser properties, which is overpowered on the face of it. Ships can be plenty combative with a Commander Engineering slot (I typically use mine for Aux2SIF III, but I imagine better players have more reasoned alternatives) and only four tactical consoles.
  • cptpike95cptpike95 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Dear Cryptic. Here is a suggestion for you. USS Ares (NCC-1650) from Axanar fan film. Find the pictures and see. You can make a fine Temporal Escort Carrier with that ship. Contact the guy who designed it and ask him how much, and see if it works for you. I'd definitely pay 3000 zen for it.
  • turbomagnusturbomagnus Member Posts: 3,479 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    cptpike95 wrote: »
    Dear Cryptic. Here is a suggestion for you. USS Ares (NCC-1650) from Axanar fan film. Find the pictures and see. You can make a fine Temporal Escort Carrier with that ship. Contact the guy who designed it and ask him how much, and see if it works for you. I'd definitely pay 3000 zen for it.

    Considering CBS jumped on Axanar (last year? earlier this year? something like that...) with a C&D order, I don't think they'd let Cryptic do it...

    That said... NecroThread!
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  • firehawk4firehawk4 Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    yeah I don't see CBS allowing it since they made axanar shut down and even if they did ok it I don't see the creator of it allowing it to be used in a CBS licensed game since CBS shut down their project
  • risian4risian4 Member Posts: 3,711 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    Just because a ship is 'designed solely for combat' doesn't mean they no longer need a large engineering department. Indeed, combat is mostly done by engineers and science officers in Starfleet and that's not really surprising if you realise that technology and exotic science play a large role in Starfleets defences.
    What one would really consider 'tactical' was hardly present except for some general assessments of situations that were often more common sense and logical thinking rather than being worthy of being called 'tactical analysis'.

    Maybe captains made tactical assessments as they needed to look at longer term implications of actions and look at decisions in multiple ways. The things that are considered tactical in the game, like FAW and attack pattern Omega, are mostly just literally copied from some lines and then they miraculously boost your ship in this game (which likely, in 'reality' still means that the engineers have to press some buttons to allow the ship to perform what is called the 'tactical ability attack pattern Omega').

    If anything, tactical is made much more important than it actually is and that's just because a third class was needed in the game, not because they actually did much what crew from the other careers couldn't do (or, if they did something like performing an attack pattern, it would likely still mean that it wasn't really a tactical officer doing it, but engineers doing the right thing to boost the ship's performance).

    Technology on its own won't do much, you need someone to operate it and who understands it. So tactical officers are either engineering officers performing militairy tasks (which means they're still basically engineers due to the lack of true 'tactical analysis' and the captains are, as the captains, the only true tactically thinking people on the ship) or they're just general crewmen pressing the buttons while the true boosts to the ship are done by the science and engineering officers.

    Bottom line: tactical officers didn't really exist in Trek, unless you count the captains as tactical officers but we're all captains.

    And speaking of science: in this game Science can, rightfully so, also be very effective combat-wise so one might as well argue that it should have a commander Sci station then ;)

    As for continuous development of the Dyson ships: that has, unfortunately, never been done. Such things are just added to amaze us (like the entire Dyson sphere which, to do right to the very concept of the thing, should have been the main focus point of an entire expansion) and then we move on to the next enemy / zone / reputation.
  • nikeixnikeix Member Posts: 3,972 Arc User
    I was under the impression that artist picked up a lifetime blacklisting for their part in that particular radioactive crater.

    I sort of doubt the Cryptic ship artists are eager to follow him into that particular purgatory.

    In any event: NEVER gonna happen.
  • gaevsmangaevsman Member Posts: 3,183 Arc User
    But to the first point, a T6 Dyson would be great... so they can have the oportunity to improve the federation one, that one was sub-par to the other factions.. and i kinda like the mechanic of those ships... and please!!, let us upgrade the proton cannons!!!
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  • asuran14asuran14 Member Posts: 2,326 Arc User
    I could go for a dyson inspired carrier/battle-cruiser. Though even a temporal carrier that would use the wells an mobius temporal shiip models for the frigate would be another thing I could go for.

    I could definitely go for a tier six patrol escort/tempest. Though I would want to see it be centered a bit more around a hit an run style of combat in both the weapon-layout as well as the ship trait. I could see it that the tier six version might have a 4/5 weapon load out, but with two of the aft-weapon slots being locked to only use specific types of weapons like the tempest tail cannon. Though I would have it that you would have the tempest tail cannon from the patrol escort refit, as well as maybe a rear-mounted dual torpedo launcher that would come from the new tier six version, both of these could only be used in the locked rear slots of the ship though. Add in a trait that while you have your rear/aft weapons firing upon your primary target you gain a stacking buff to your damage output of your foreward weapon.
  • otaku#5566 otaku Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I would love if they add the new Enterprise-A from Star Trek Beyond as a tier 6 ship, or even as a skin for the Kelvin Heavy Command Cruiser. I sincerely hope they do.
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