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[SERIES] Let's Play Star Trek Online - Winters Fed Walkthrough - Ep 6 - Ep10

winters83winters83 Member Posts: 472 Media Corps
edited September 2016 in Starfleet Media Corps
Greetings, Admirals!

Welcome to Episodes 6-10 of Let's Play Star Trek Online - Winters Fed Walkthrough.

This series is a complete walkthrough of every aspect of the game - Story Missions, Reputations, DOFFing, Admiralty, BOFFS, Research and Development, Fleets, Crafting and End-Game Content etc. Every player, new and veteran, will find them a valuable source of information, tips and tricks. You may even learn something new! This could be anything from an accolade to a system that you didn’t fully understand or helpful hints on earning in game currencies like Energy Credits or Dilithium.

There will be a brand new episode released every Monday through Friday.

In Todays Episodes:
In this episode we play the mission "Researcher Rescue". We also discover a couple of hidden "Accolades" that are not very well known for all those "Accolade" hunters out there.

In this episode we play the mission "The Kuvah'Magh". We also discover a number of new "Accolades" that are easily found through normal game play.

In this episode we play the mission "Treasure Trading Station". In the second part of the mission we show the correct items that you have to scan when on the station.

In this episode we play the mission "Secret Orders" and finally hit level 10.

In this episode we go back to Earth Space Dock (ESD) and get our promotion to Lt. Commander. This allows us to pick up a new free ship. We also explore ESD and find the vendors for Bridge Officers (Boffs) and the vendor for purchasing Boff abilities. We also find where gold members can pick up their free EV Suits as well as Fireworks device. After visiting Admiral Quinn we make our way to the shipyard where we get a general introduction to purchasing starships. Once we finish in the shipyard we go to Sickbay and we are shown how to heal injuries on our character for free. From there we make our way to Club 47 which is a social area on ESD. After leaving Club 47 we are also shown how to repair damage on our Starships for free. Then we make our way to the Exchange area and we are given a general introduction to the exchange and purchasing as well as selling items. While in the exchange area we also see Mail access and Bank access. When we are finished in the exchange area we are shown another way to make our way to Starfleet Academy and from there we then make our way to the 50% vendor that is located on ESD. After visiting the 50% vendor we make our way to the Tailor and are shown a very brief intro to the options that are available. Once we are finished there we then start to spend the few skill points that we have built up so far. This is a general and brief introduction but there is some very good information contained in it.

Do you have any questions or comments on this episode? Please feel free to leave them below or reply in the comments section on YouTube.

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