Quantum Slipstream Drive

hanover2 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
I can't swear it started with the AoY patch, but I've noticed that using Slipstream now prevents your ship from stopping at the destination you selected on the map. Not exactly torches and pitchforks time, but it is annoying.


  • warpangel
    warpangel Member Posts: 9,427 Arc User
    If you start the slipstream with the "full impulse" button/keybind, you will lose auto-navigation.

    Put slipstream on your power tray and use that instead to avoid it.

    This did not start with AoY it has always happened ever since the slipstream with full impulse button was enabled ages ago.
  • hanover2
    hanover2 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
    Ridiculous. As if I still have room on my @#!$$% power tray.

    Thank you for responding, though.