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[PODCAST] [INTERVIEW] Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 229: Cease and Desisted!

midniteshadow7midniteshadow7 Member Posts: 780 Arc User
Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 229: Cease and Desisted! has warped on to Holosuite Media, you can download and stream it from:

This week we have Scott Baker join us live from STLV to talk to us about the Star Trek fan film Cease and Desist plus we get some updates on Renegades and 5th Passenger.

After the interview we talk about this week's news from Star Trek Online (0:40:20), Star Trek Timelines (1:17:18), Star Trek News (1:33:19), Conventions (1:49:10), Fan Productions (1:55:49), 2 week's worth of Community Feedback (2:02:07) and more!!

Our community questions this week are:
1. What are your thoughts on the new Star Trek Timelines updates?
2. Have you seen or heard anything from STLV that has you excited?

Please reply to this post with any feedback you have about any topic we've covered or even about the show in general, we'd love to hear what our listeners have to say. And feedback to us now and be entered in to a prize draw to get yourself a Star Trek Online Legacy of Romulus Starter Pack, Zen and Lockbox keys. Rules are here: http://holosuitemedia.com/tiefeedbackgiveaways2016/ - Just reply to this post to enter.


  • alex1geralex1ger Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    What an episode...

    Community questions:

    1.) You got three guesses. You think I'm still not playing Timelines? You're good at this guessing thing. ;)

    2.) No, I haven't. I haven't even heard anything about Cryptic's panel. I mean, surely they had a panel because... last year they didn't really have anything of importance to show, just some talk about the Iconian War and season 11 and they still got that CBS person to host the panel.
    Not having a panel this year would have been highly illogical, since it was the 50th anniversary and they had Agents of Yesterday and the upcoming console versions to show off. So, who did they get to host their panel?

    RP blogs:

    Pandora's gift:
    I couldn't be there for the show, so let me throw in my two cents... This blog is gonna be Cryptic's thinly veiled excuse, I mean explanation, for giving us sphere builder ships. And don't tell me anything about data mining, I don't need data miners to figure out that we will get those ships. It's what Cryptic has been doing for a while now. It would be more surprising if we didn't get a sphere builder lockbox.
    By the way, since we already got the vorgon frigate... I mean heavy escort during the summer event, when do you think they'll release the vorgon cruiser and vorgon battleship? Upcoming summer events? I feel like that might be a little too late, since the lead-in (the temporal nonsense) is in-game right now.

    Winter of discontent:
    Okay, that's not bad. I like it. Except for the fact that Daniels is a terrible person.
    I mean, he gives this plastic thingy to all the captured starfleet officers. And they get beamed out, except for this one female lieutenant. And instead of telling her right away that he intends to recruit her, he just keeps beating around the bush while she... at first believes her plastic thingy malfunctioned and then starts believing that he's gonna let her die.
    Hey, Daniels, making someone believe they are about to die (for no reason at all) is not cool.


    Star Trek Discovery:

    I'm not gonna talk about the news (era and protagonist and all that), but you mentioned that one click-bait article... uhm... when you talked about some three-digit NX registry number that shows up in Beyond... That is not a high number. Well, it is compared to the NX class in "Enterprise", but you do remember that the Excelsior was NX 2000 before it turned into NCC 2000 and... I admit I don't quite remember whether the Defiant ever made the change, but it started with a five-digit NX registry number...
    Oh and asking whether the 31 at the end of the registry number is a hint at section 31 is completely reasonable. I mean, Badmiral Robocop had a model of the super-secret USS Evilprise on his desk. *headdesk*

    The show itself:

    Okay, sun... was that really necessary? You had the Anthology/Outer Rim people on the show. You heard them lament about the money and time they essentially wasted because of the guidelines. That point was even brought up during this conversation. And yet you seem to believe that they just haphazardly waste even more time and money for no reason at all. How stupid do you think they are?
    I get it, you really want to see "mother", but if that was as cheap and easy to produce as you made it sound, they probably would have gone that route. Feel free to ask them about it the next time you get them on the show, but that rant was uncalled for.

    And MidNite...
    First, I agree with you on the following: Listening to a few of the interviews and reading stuff on the internet I also got the impression that AoY might be rather... "light-weight" when compared to Legacy of Romulus or Delta Rising. But not everybody does that, in fact very few people seem to be that informed.
    People who just hear "expansion" will expect an "expansion". If you read a full-page ad in the newspaper claiming that there's a Rolls Royce being given away for free and then you call that person and they make weird comments about how it won't need as much fuel as you would expect it to, you might guess that it's not a real Rolls Royce but a model of a Rolls Royce being given away. But people reading the ad and expecting a "real" Rolls Royce will be disappointed/angry because of the false advertising...

    Second, you claim that Cryptic is holding back content to release over time. You know, Bioware did that with SWTOR's most recent expansion "Knights of the Fallen Empire". That expansion consists of 16 chapters and the first... 7 or 8 chapters have been released at launch and then they released a chapter a month with a two or three month gap over the holidays (december, january and I believe even february).
    But guess what... They ANNOUNCED they would be releasing the content like that. Do you see the difference? It's about setting expectations and then trying to satisfy them.

    Third, I really disliked how sun and you talked about STO's upcoming console launch.
    I mean, throwing out those ugly stereotypes is not helping anyone. But let's assume that trash-talking kiddy audience existed, I'm not sure STO can deliver the kind of flashy, twitchy, action-packed pewpew those people might be looking for. People usually seem to prefer ship combat. And honestly, I can imagine dual (heavy) cannon-build escorts and raiders (especially the pilot escorts) to be fun to fly on a console, but that's not exactly the "meta" right now, is it?
    Which brings me to the next point... MidNite, there are amazing RPGs and immersive story-driven games available on consoles. I once mentioned "The last of us.". Then there were the highly praised BioWare series like Dragon Age and Mass Effect and what about "The Elder Scrolls"? Oh, there's even an Elder Scrolls MMO available on consoles?
    STO does not exist inside of a temporal shield. When it launches on consoles, the people at Cryptic have exactly one shot to woo the audience or sink into mediocrity.
    And if you remember how STO launched to receive rather mediocre scores and how they handled the leveling "exploit" at launch of Delta Rising or how they could not shut up about "immersion" and "attention to detail" in Agents of Yesterday and then they let "Safty first!" slip through in the friggin' tutorial...
    Cryptic seems to have a tendency of missing the one shot they got.

    Fourth, there was this video about the console launch this fall. Apparently the console crowd will get the content from 11 seasons and 2 major expansions at launch. I'm getting worried. This console launch needs to make a lot of money. That's the only way to get money reinvested into the game. Maybe even grow the team to the size of a real MMO dev team that can actually make more (and continually improving) content.
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