Nautilus, More Like a Small Octopus

ajax1983 Member Posts: 28 Arc User
I'll post my build in a bit, but does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make my Fleet Temporal Science Vessel more durable? My shields usually stay up, and I end up dying from bleedthrough.

I knew the stats before I bought it so I really have no right to complain, but it I think that if you're going to name a ship class Nautilus, it shouldn't be as squishy as it it. A nautilus has a shell, but the lack of engineering slots on the ship for armor does not lend credence to its namesake.


  • lordsteve1
    lordsteve1 Member Posts: 3,492 Arc User
    Do you have access to the Tier 4 Nukara rep passive? That gives you extra resistances and hitpoints (shield & hull) as you increase your aux power. As you're in a science ship i'll assume your aux power is max, or close to, so that should be quite a nice bonus for you and help with survivability.

    Hit points are all well and good but the real survivabilty comes from resistances, to energy and kinetic weapons. Without resistance to weapons your hull will get melted no mater how high you push those HP's.