Aenar: A new race incoming?

tousseau Member Posts: 1,484 Arc User
I was just perusing the newest Tribble notes and noticed the following:
New Woven Hair option is available for the following female species:

Will we be getting a new race to play with? Or is this intended for the Aenar Boff?

EDIT: Yeah... posting on my phone, so things don't seem to be working right... *grumbles*


  • dracounguis
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    Aenar pirate outfit! YARG!
  • markhawkman
    markhawkman Member Posts: 35,231 Arc User
    probably just the Boff.
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  • claudiusdk
    claudiusdk Member Posts: 558 Arc User
    Yeah, think this is just for the BOFFs
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  • tousseau
    tousseau Member Posts: 1,484 Arc User
    Hmmm... I hope not... Am kind of looking forward to playing an official Aenar, instead of an aliengen/aenar
  • jade1280
    jade1280 Member Posts: 853 Arc User
    Yet nothing caitians/ferasens or talaxians...
  • officerbatman81
    officerbatman81 Member Posts: 2,761 Arc User
    Ill take a Aenar TOS lifer race, yes please. If not lifer then ill get out my wallet for the cstore.
  • gardat
    gardat Member Posts: 280 Arc User
    Aliengen Aenar are pretty close but they don't have access to the correct eyes, which are unique to the boff. Unfortunate.
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