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[PODCAST] [INTERVIEW] Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 225: "Tomorrow's Ricossa, Yesterday"

midniteshadow7midniteshadow7 Member Posts: 780 Arc User
Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 225: "Tomorrow's Ricossa, Yesterday" has warped on to Holosuite Media, you can download and stream it from:

This week Stephen "Salami Inferno" Ricossa the Executive Producer from Star Trek Online joins us to talk about the recently released expansion, Agents of Yesterday.

After the interview we go through this week’s news from Star Trek Online (1:03:32), Star Trek Timelines (2:01:20), Star Trek News (2:14:15), Fan Films (3:04:16) and feedback from our listeners (3:28:18).

Our community questions this week are:
1. What are your thoughts on the new Agents of Yesterday release?
2. Do you have any questions for Manu Intiraymi and Gigi Edgley from The Circuit?
3. Do you have any questions for Tommy Kraft on this new short sci-fi film, Runaway?

Please reply to this post with any feedback you have about any topic we've covered or even about the show in general, we'd love to hear what our listeners have to say. And feedback to us now and be entered in to a prize draw to get yourself a Star Trek Online Legacy of Romulus Starter Pack, Zen and Lockbox keys. Rules are here: http://holosuitemedia.com/tiefeedbackgiveaways2016/ - Just reply to this post to enter.

Please help friend of the show and fellow Star Trek Online player and podcaster Mav with donations to support his recovery with his current health situation here: http://www.gofundme.com/tomsrecovery.



  • alex1geralex1ger Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    The remastered show was published rather late this week, do we (I?) have reason to worry?

    Community questions:

    1.) Well, like I mentioned during the show, the TOS parts were better than the Temporal War stuff. At the same time there were so many little flaws/inconsistencies in there. Listen... if a dev shows up for an interview and does some real talking, I will be lenient. I understand that plans change, things happen/go wrong.
    But if multiple devs show up on different shows and they all talk about "immersion" and "attention to detail", I consider that to be marketing speech. I consider marketing speech to be about as close to lying (without "legally" lying) as it gets. So I will take their marketing speech and I WILL use it against them!

    Anyway, I'm replaying the TOS intro with the experience boost and during wednesday's maintenance they supposedly fixed a bug (I didn't encounter before) during Tangled Web while introducing a new, showstopping bug.
    Listen, Cryptic... If one of your fixes messes up some other part of the game, that's unfortunate, but fixing a bug in a mission and introducing this kind of showstopper in the very same mission? These TOS missions have been hyped up to be one of the (if not THE) main "selling points" for AoY. They have to be as close to being perfect as possible.
    Even if you do actually fix it during today's maintenance, it's still unacceptable.

    I will admit that no company (or game) is perfect, and I do have quite a few issues with things Blizzard has done in the past, but they know how to do announcements and they know how to launch a polished game. Your polish (kung) fu is weak, Cryptic.
    You should have learned a long time ago (when STO launched...) that you do not really get a second chance to leave a good first impression.

    Btw. you should read the MassivelyOP review of AoY. The writer gave his thoughts on the first six TOS-exclusive missions and I considered it to be rather balanced. I would not have been quite that nice, but I can see and agree with most of the points he's making.

    2.) I will refrain from asking about the circuit movie, because I didn't really follow it and I assume your guests (and you) will take the chance to promote it anyway.

    Questions for Gigi Edgley:

    - I would like to thank you for your appearance (and performance) on Star Trek: Continues, could you tell us how that came to be? I mean, who approached who?
    - Do you consider yourself to be a trekkie? If so, what's your favorite Trek? Are you a TOS fan?

    - If (big IF) Star Trek Online approached you about doing voice acting, would you do it?
    - Have you done voice acting before? If not, would you like to?

    Questions for Manu Intiraymi:

    Thank you for being on the show again, I was in the chatroom the last time you were on the show and you (and the hosts) had a lot of fun with the adult rating... A question about Renegades.
    - What do you think about the fan film guidelines and Renegades' change of direction in response to it? What I mean is, would you have done something (even just a minor detail) different?

    - And the inevitable question... what are your thoughts on the Axanar kerfuffle?

    - We know that you would be thrilled to do voice acting on STO (and a lot of people would be thrilled to have you, but unfortunately that stuff can be years in the making...), have you actually done voice acting before?
    (I mean, I played Elite Force back in the day, but I have to admit that I don't remember if we ever got to interact with Icheb or whether the game was taking place before he joined the crew.)

    3.) Questions for Tommy Kraft: (I will not ask him about Axanar after his public meltdown...)

    - For your new "planned" short film (I hope you get the funding you need...), you seem to be bringing back three actors from Horizon. Was there a particular reason why you called these three back in? What I mean is, were they the ones that just fit best into your vision of runaway? Or was it more of a scheduling/interest thing, where other actors were unavailable or not interested in doing a short film?

    - After doing Horizon basically on your own, how does the prospect of sharing responsibilities feel (if you get funded)?


    It's okay to be Takei:

    Okay, listen... I did some light reading on this stuff. According to (I think it was) 1701news Simon Pegg said they chose Sulu because of Takei. Now, if the man you're "doing this for" does not like it, for whatever reason, why don't you just take another character? I mean, Uhura is basically the token woman AND the token black person. Now you're turning your one asian character into the one TRIBBLE character. Again doing double token duty. So my question is, why the (over-) abundance of straight white males?

    If you're trying to have the moral high ground by implementing a TRIBBLE (or rather LGBTQ+) character, why not take one of those vastly over-represented straight white males? I would not (for a second) be surprised if you took Kirk and turned him into a... what's the term? pansexual? omnisexual? basically a Captain Jack Harkness type of character.
    I did not watch TOS that much, but on the shore-leave planet McCoy had two female companions, so he could not be TRIBBLE, but bisexual. (And didn't he fall for Edith Keeler?)
    Did Scotty or Chekov ever hook up with a woman?
    Why not have Spock turn out to be TRIBBLE. Wait, he's an alien, people could misunderstand that...

    Why are your straight white males so precious that you cannot possibly turn one of them into a member of the LGBTQ+ community?
    Are you really so desperate to cater to straight white wanna-be alpha males who are so insecure about their sexuality that they cannot stand a non-straight white male as part of the main cast? (Or a female protagonist or a non-white protagonist...)
    I am a straight white male and I am offended by this hypocrisy. And don't get me started on Uhura being a caricature of a female character...

    And @sunseahl I do consider Galaxy Quest to be more Star Trek than JJ Trek (I know, Kelvin Timeline, I will keep calling it JJ Trek.). That does not stop me from welcoming the JJ fans into the fold of trekkies, if they want to join the fun. I do not judge people based on their gender, race, sexual identity, beliefs, preferences or whatever. I judge people based on their actions. Like I judged the TRIBBLE-gate people.

    And the filter still does not like two specific words. Listen, this was not any kind of hate speech, I was using the terms that are actually abbreviated in the LGBTQ+ moniker. So... whenever I talk about a male character, insert a G-word. And at the end I used the L-word.
  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    I haven't seen all the episodes and I'm not super into TOS lore, but if Sun is right about the only time we saw his preference was in "Mirror, Mirror" where he hits on Uhura, then it's safe to say we don't know what Prime Sulu's preference is. Because of that, I don't care what Kelvin Sulu's preference is either. Since it was never established in the first place, it doesn't matter to me. Honestly, it's not that big of a deal. I don't know why people are freaking out about it. I do however still respect Takei's opinion. I'm not "disappointed" with his response. If he wants to believe that Kelvin Sulu should be straight the way Roddenberry did with Prime Sulu, I'm fine with that. He's not obliged to lie just to satisfy people. Besides, he stated that he's still happy that LGBT is getting representation. If anyone is offended by his response, try not to be. There are worse things to get mad at.

    1.) I got what I expected. The episodes were great and I truly had a lot of fun playing them. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wanted more. We all knew from the get go that it wasn't going to be a huge amount of content, but I'm still left with that feeling of... you know, "But that was so short :(" Yes, I know that there are more episodes, but I'm still like "Bu-but let me go back." I just wish there were more than six faction specific episodes. I at least want purple quality 23rd century boffs and a boff trainer that sells 23rd century versions of skills.

    Other than that, I haven't had the chance to play the Kelvin Timeline episode. I'll get to that eventually. As someone that enjoys the Kelvin Timeline, the new lockbox obviously made me very happy... ignoring the fact that it was locked behind a lockbox of course. I'm not going to complain about it though. I'm not one of those delusional people that thought all of this could be put in the C-Store. I'm just glad for the fact that it's even in the game at all. At least the Admiral uniform and bat'leth are freebies.

    MASSIVE props to the art team. The ships look utterly phenomenal. They even went through the trouble of making unique bridges for all of them. It's really interesting to see what Romulan ships actually look like in the Kelvin Timeline. I'd love to hear about designing the T'laru.

    I'm so happy rolling around in my Vengeance, Kelvin Constitution, and D4x. Vengeance has been the ship I've wanted the most other than a t6 Sovereign. I was so relieved to see that it was made as a lobi ship instead of another scenario like a promo ship or an ultra rare drop akin to the Vonph and Acheros. The way the wings move on the D4x when using the pilot maneuvers was jaw dropping. Don't even get me started on the Kelvin phasers. Soooo goooood. I kinda wish they sounded more aggressive on the Vengeance the way it does in the movie, but that's ok. I'm also really happy that the Vengeance can use the Connie material and that the Connie can use the Vengeance material (if both are owned), along with a whole bunch of other space barbie options.

    Congratulations Cryptic. You guys actually got me to make a KDF Klingon, something I thought I'd never do since I was always content with my one single KDF Gorn.

    2.) No, not really.

    3.) No.

    Sorry, I don't mean to come off as rude. I just don't follow this kind of stuff.
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