23rd century Bridge Officers don't show up in the infirmary drop-down list

hanover2 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
To heal their injuries. Having to use consumables, but not all "regenerators" are available from vendors.


  • clevermonkey42
    clevermonkey42 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Same issue. I also noticed that at the Fleet infirmary, the player character appeared in the list, but showed no injuries, even though it had them. Player character appeared properly at starbase, including injuries. AoY BOFFs did not appear on drop down in either location.
  • mountainsmith
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    I've had this problem as well. I submitted a bug report, but so far no answer.
  • daveyny
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    Yep, same here.
    Been that way since AoY hit the game.

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