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AoY has a ton of bugs

simonwaterssimonwaters Member Posts: 28 Arc User

I have noticed the following problems since AoY was released:

1. AoY BOFFs (those that came from the 23rdC with the captain) have a problem with uniforms. Although the game recognizes their new rank when promoted, the Tailor will only give them rank insignia (whether in TOS uniforms or 25thC uniforms) up to LTjg.
2. My AoY Captain is not being admitted to the Risa system

Also, on my main toon (since he is the only one the game will allow on Risa), there is no "thrust" sound or graphics when the floaters are engaged.

Anyone else have these problems?


  • trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,839 Arc User
    Risa is accessible through twarp off the event calendar notice
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