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Do they always take a break from Zen C-Store sales in the summer?

johnnyray14#4257 johnnyray14 Member Posts: 188 Arc User
Maybe I missed something, but it seems like it's been several weeks since the last sale.

Best Answers

  • officerbatman81officerbatman81 Member Posts: 2,761 Arc User
    edited June 2016 Accepted Answer
    Its usually months, several months between sales.

    There is usually a sale in July.

    Sales dont happen as frequently as you think, they are rarer than that.
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  • captainchaos66captainchaos66 Member Posts: 409 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    When they were releasing new ships at a feverish pace last year, the first 3-4 days the ship was out it was on-sale. Other than that they had about the normal amount of sales. A Key-sale is likely about the time of the new lockbox, a ship sale is also likely sometime in July, but wont include the newest ships ( as always). September is likely to have a sale of some sort, likely shipslots, or costume slots for new players that come in for AoY. In truth they only run MAYBE 4-6 TRUE sales each year, and even that is on the high end.
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