Agents of Yesterday Launch Trailer

forcemajeure Member Posts: 208 Arc User
Just checked it after the ARC pop-up this morning. I try not to be negative about game/dev/release issues because lord knows there's more than enough of that already. On the other hand, I do like to see STO aim for success rather than 'just get it out the door' mediocrity.

The first 30 seconds of the trailer looked promising, despite underwhelming voice-acting. Then the rest of the video strikes me as a really second-rate effort.

More underwhelming voice acting, very minimal graphics, nothing that conveys any sense of drama, story or quality to the release. Heck, the in-game graphics on my 5 year old rig look better than half of that video.

I think 50th anniversary, new release, Kelvin timeline, new/old ships... they had(have?) an opportunity here to really attract some attention. I don't think this video - which looks like 2 guys slapped it together on a Friday afternoon - is the vehicle to do that.

C'mon Cryptic, your guys can surely do better than this. Knock our socks off!