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Admirality rewards bug

saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,218 Arc User
edited June 2016 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Ok - today i looked at admirality rewards, while collecting them...
And there is conflict between whats writen in report info, and real collecting, like:
Chat window:
[System] [ItemReceived] Items acquired: Verteron Particle x 4
[System] [NumericReceived] You received 5,000 Energy Credits
[System] [NumericReceived] You received 302 Campaign XP - Romulan Republic
[System] [NumericReceived] You received 1,951 Specialization Experience
[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Collected rewards for assignment "Defend Supply Lines for Medical Station".
Admirality assignment Log window:
Defend Supply Lines for Medical Station
Rewards: 5000 EC; 5802 Romulan Campaign XP; 1951 Experience Points
... nothing about any particles...

Ok, i understand that when starting an assignment, the info is more true
(there isn't any assignment with 5k campaign XP on starting assignment window, the Tour of duty hit's 2180 - i think),
but still...

It's a Bug!


  • iamynaughtiamynaught Member Posts: 1,237 Arc User
    Isn't there a bonus for collecting the first mission per day? If there is then there's the difference. I haven't run Admiralty missions since the first week they went live so I'm going on my memory.

    It looks like you got a bonus of 5500 points. I think if it were a bug it'd be some odd number. So probably just the daily bonus.
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  • saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,218 Arc User
    edited June 2016
    I did not get bonus - the values are like that for all 8 admirality assignments...
    also i did include quote from Chat window, with real rewards that i actually got.
    Funny thing - it's looks like the bug is not triggered on all toons, just switched to another,
    and it shows correct values - strange.
    Maybe that bug shows only on first logged toon after starting the game?
  • mattaukettmattaukett Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    First mission of the day rewards a bonus, but if you collect multiple rewards from the same campaign all together it doesn't immediately refresh the display and continues to indicate that you get the bonus on subsequent rewards.

    There's been a few threads on this over the last year and if memory serves one of the Dev's said it wasn't possible to get the system to display correctly. Anyway I think if you close the window and change maps after collecting the first mission, but before collecting the second you'll notice the campaign xp rewards update themselves. You'll also notice that if you run a second batch of missions within the day they won't include that bonus campaign xp.
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