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Mirror Wars (RP Thread)



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    Terra (MU red)

    Captain Sito Thay was being debriefed along with her officers, "General Smith, thank you for getting my people out safe" she said to Smith. "Ma'am, I still have reservations about handing over our entire database to this empire's empress" advised Cmdr Wray. "Anna, be polite to our hosts, we've got nowhere else to go so we'll co-operate with this empire. I know you take your duty seriously more than can be said for the officers who failed our empire" replied Sito. "What happened to our empire makes me angry and sad at the same time, I hope those who let our empire fall enjoy being drones" answered Cmdr Wray. "Anna, how are your baby sister and little one doing?" asked Sito as she drew Cmdr Wray's mind off dwelling in the past. "Maria spoke for the first time since what happened, she's traumatized by the whole experience with losing her parents and living on a ship always on the run, Ablim thankfully is too young to understand what has happened but he keeps calling out for his father" answered Cmdr Wray. "They're survivors along with the rest our empire's people here, Maria speaking for the first time since it happened is a good sign, those two are a symbol of hope for our people" replied Sito. "I know, losing them would have destroyed me inside" answered Cmdr Wray.

    Trianna walked into the room and immediately took a step back and thought "fascinating." Cmdr Wray's reaction was the same. "Captain Sito, I was doing my job" answered Smith. "Cmdr, is your name Trianna Valdez by any chance?" asked Trianna. "I've not been called that for some time, not since the death of my parents" answered Cmdr Wray. "Col, I changed her identity for her protection. I took a big risk getting her and her surviving family out, a risk that paid off" said Sito. "Which I thanked you for and have served you loyally since" added Cmdr Wray. "Anyone else make it out?" asked Trianna. "My baby sister Maria and my little one Ablim" answered Cmdr Wray. "A good thing, they have a chance at a somewhat normal life" replied Trianna. "What about you, are my parents alive here?" asked Cmdr Wray. "Dad was executed for genocide and mom was murdered in a political purge ordered by an insane clone of me, said clone lost her head to my sword" answered Trianna. "I see, what about my sister and little one?" asked Cmdr Wray. "My Ablim is fine and my baby sister was put up for adoption in order to protect her, she's with a loving family who are raising her as their own" answered Trianna. "At least they are safe" replied Cmdr Wray. "Oh boy, this will get confusing" sighed Smith. "Boss, crazy is part of the job" joked Trianna. "Indeed" answered Smith.

    "General, call me Anna" said Cmdr Wray. "Well met Anna" said Smith over a handshake. "Cmdr, you have served me well but your priorities are your family. I'm releasing you from your oath of service to me so you can concentrate on your family" said Sito. "Ma'am?" asked Cmdr Wray. "You heard right, consider this your final order from me, I want you to come with me to our meeting with the empress, make sure this empire gets our entire database" answered Sito. "Yes ma'am" answered Cmdr Wray. "Anna, serve the empress loyally as you have served me" replied Sito. "I will, I need to feed my family" answered Cmdr Wray. "Need a hand?" asked Trianna. "Please" answered Cmdr Wray. Trianna and Cmdr Wray went to feed their families and get some food themselves before the meeting with the empress. Back in the infirmary, Smith and Sito talked for a while before going to speak with the empress.
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      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
    • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,813 Arc User
      Terra (MU red)

      After a long meeting of negotiations, Captain Sito's people were granted asylum and the troops they brought with them were formed in a division under the control of Battle Fleet Omega. Captain Sito was granted a ship and squadron command and promoted to Commodore, she would sit on General Smith's war council. In a shake up of the fleet, Cmdr Petrofski was promoted to captain and given command of of the I.S.S. Moskva as a reward for his service, a Sovereign class starship. In his place was Commodore Sito who accepted the post of first officer to General Smith, "Commodore, I expect honesty from all the officers and troops under my command and that they do their duty to the best of their abilities" he said to Sito. "What are these rules of yours?" asked Sito. Smith just smiled and answered "no innocents are to be harmed in any way and we specialize in internal defense and pinpoint operations."

      "You serve the people, I respect that and my troops will respect those rules" replied Sito. "Make this clear, anyone who breaks those rules will be dealt with in a firm but fair manner" said Smith. "My troops know better than to challenge me, I have to earn your trust" answered Sito. "We have to trust each other so we'll run a mission to see what you and your troops are made of" replied Smith. "Agreed, a victory will boost morale among my troops" answered Sito. "Agreed, the target is the Imperial seventh fleet, they recently declared they are in a act of rebellion against the empress so we'll have to deal with them in a efficient manner" replied Smith. "I'll need a ship" answered Sito. "I'm basing you here on the London, one so I can observe and two, we'll see how you work with this empire's forces" replied Smith. "I'll gather my troops, there's something we need to do" answered Sito. "What have you got in mind?" asked Smith. "You'll see" answered Sito. In the courtyard later that day, Sito had her troops gathered and they all raised their hand and swore "We the soldiers of our fallen empire hereby swear loyalty and duty to the empress of the twin empires, Empress Layress I. We will serve with honor in her name." Heath watching the swearing in just smiled and accepted the oath.

      Now Battle Fleet Omega went to war and jumped to the Chin'toka system. When they arrived 12 hours later, they formed up for battle, Sito's troops volunteered to be in the front as a sign of their honor. Smith and Sito watching the battlefield decided on a cautious approach and formed up in three blocks, Omega took the flanks and Sito's forces held the centre with instructions to pull the seventh fleet out of position. "All forces ready to move" reported Sito. "Let's end their rebellion here, I want them disabled not destroyed" ordered Smith. "Fleet has acknowledged the order, Seventh fleet moving towards us" reported Sito. "So it begins, let them close but be ready to pull back to this position" ordered Smith. "centre pulling back, seventh fleet is taking predicted path" reported Sito. "Spring the trap in 3,2,1" ordered Smith. "Centre forces counter-attack, flanks move round and cut any escape" ordered Sito. The seventh fleet was trapped and with 10 minutes, the fight was over with the surrender of the seventh fleet. The crews of Omega cheered there victory and Sito's forces all chanted "Long live Empress Layress, long live the empire!!" Omega then left the battle area with the seventh fleet being towed back to Terra.

      Meanwhile on Terra, Cmdr Wray was briefing Heath on the remnant's escape from their empire and the accounts of the suffering endured in the escape shocked Heath to the core, "From your captain's logs, you stand out. In her words, an officer who acts on necessity in order to ensure her people's survival. Putting others before yourself is a show of strength" she said afterwards. "Ma'am, I had to in order to protect those who could not fight" answered Cmdr Wray. "You also protected your family" replied Heath. "My baby sister and my little one mean the world to me, there were times I had to go hungry just so they could eat" answered Cmdr Wray. "I'm basing you on Terra and you are getting some much needed leave, those two are your main priority" replied Heath as she noted that Maria was being quiet. "She saw her parents being killed, that combined with what happened to my empire has affected her, she very rarely speaks due to the trauma. I had to play both mom and big sister to her. Ablim still calls out for his father, his father was killed fighting a rearguard action before he was shot and assimilated" answered Cmdr Wray.

      "Trianna, I have to ask of you" said Heath to Trianna. "Ma'am?" asked Trianna. "Cmdr Wray and her family needs a place to stay" answered Heath. "They can have my old house on Okinawa, no charge" replied Trianna. "Thank you Trianna" answered Heath. "Anna, you don't owe me" said Trianna. "Thank you" answered Cmdr Wray.
        "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
        -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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        Terra (MU red)

        General Smith was back from hunting rebels, as Imperial intelligence questioned the high ranking prisoners, Smith and Commodore Sito were debriefed by Regent Lot. "Excellent work both of you, the results speak for themselves. Four more admirals have recently submitted given the quick work made of their allies" said Papela. "General, others may consider your methods soft" said Heath. "With respect ma'am, ending a battle as quickly as possible is the most efficient method" answered Smith. "Agreed as your blitzkrieg through the Ask'kaar empire proved" replied Heath. "Speed, surprise and aggression ma'am" answered Smith. "Commodore, your people have performed very well" said Papela to Sito. "They're veterans, they lost everything so they are out to fight for their new home" answered Sito.

        "I've seen what they can do, excellent troops" said Smith. "I'm proud of them" added Sito. "I'm giving them some time off, Commodore, you too" ordered Heath. "Ma'am" answered Sito. "General, Omega will be put on standby" ordered Heath. "Ma'am" answered Smith. "Dismissed" ordered Heath. Both Smith and Sito bowed and saluted before leaving the office. "Cmdr Wray, Col Bray, both of you in here please" ordered Heath via intercom. Both Trianna and Cmdr Wray bowed and saluted after making sure their respective little ones were settled before being told to take a seat. "Cmdr, in order to acclimatize to this empire's society, you'll be assigned a mentor to teach how we work" said Heath. "Who's my mentor?" asked Cmdr Wray. "Col Bray" answered Heath."Cmdr, why do you look like you've just seen a ghost?" asked Papela to Cmdr Wray. "Ma'am, I saw you at the fall of my Betazed to the Borg. You refused to leave after you got your daughters onto I.S.S. Enterprise, you and your troops fought to the death just before you triggered a protomatter bomb, wiping yourself, your guard and entire Borg invasion force out as a gesture of no surrender. Your sacrifice bought us time to get as much Imperial citizens away" answered Cmdr Wray. "Your reality's version of my daughters get to safety?" asked Papela.

        Cmdr Wray just shook her head and answered "Naynta and Jodi were both killed when their ship was disabled and boarded by the Borg, with her ship and crew being assimilated around her, Naynta self destructed her ship after seeing Jodi being assimilated. Kestrella, Thay and Callie are the only survivors of my reality's version of your daughters" answered Cmdr Wray. "I see" sighed Papela after confirming Cdmr Wray was telling the truth. "Where are Callie and Kestrella?" asked Papela. "In urgent care, they were badly injured and on the point of death, Doctor Smith has stabilized them and Kestrella has been responding well to treatment, Callie is being kept sedated for her own safety" answered Trianna. "Thank you for bring this to my attention" replied Papela. "Ma'am" answered Cmdr Wray. "Cmdr, how is your little sister and little one doing?" asked Heath. "Maria is still virtually mute, I don't know how to help her and it hurts me on the inside and Ablim won't sleep properly and he misses his father, I need help with them. I hate seeing them like this" answered Cmdr Wray as Maria tugged on Cmdr Wray's leg. "Maria, juice?" asked Cmdr Wray as Maria pointed at a cup on the table. Cmdr Wray gave Maria a cup of Uttaberry juice and she quietened down, "If she wants something, she won't express it vocally, instead she'll point to a picture of what she wants or an object. Could I request some help for her" Cmdr Wray explained afterwards.

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          "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
          -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
        • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,813 Arc User
          Binary Stars Battlefield, Gamma Hydra (MU red)

          Battle fleet Omega had been carrying out exercises on the old battlefield, General Smith reading the historical accounts of the battle noted the Imperial tactics shown at the 2256 Battle of the Binary Stars and smiled. As he was looking through the old Imperial records, he noticed that certain ship types performed better than others. When Omega got back to Terra, he requested permission to access the old Imperial ship records and he was granted access. Dusting off the plans of the Walker Class light cruisers, Smith noted the class's toughness even when outgunned and outnumbered. He then checked the prime records and noted the U.S.S. Shenzhou had not only survived the prime Battle of the Binary Stars but she had kept her crew alive long enough for them to abandon her.

          He made a call to Imperium Planetia and inquired about rebuilding the Walker Class as a simple to build, simple to operate with a toughness to keep her crew alive in battle. "General, you're proposing bring back a class of ship that is by our standards, obsolete" said Cmdr Humber of the Imperial Corps of Engineers. "On the outside they appear as Walker Class but we build them with our technology, a ship that can be mass produced and at a lower cost" replied Smith. "General, our Mirandas and Reliants do the job nicely as it is" answered Cmdr Humber. "My first Imperial command was a Reliant, my chief had all sorts of problems with the engines on reliability" replied Smith. "I have your chief's logs, he was kind enough to provide them. Our light cruiser losses to the Borg and Dominion have been heavy yes and we need to rebuild the light fleet with more ships" answered Cmdr Humber. "Cmdr, for the price of one Reliant, we could have three fully up to date Walkers" argued Smith. "General, Omega may be out dealing with threat to Imperial supremacy but the Imperial Corps of Engineers has to stick with the resources we have access to" answered Cmdr Humber. "Cmdr, at least think it over" replied Smith. "I'll take a look at the plans and see what we can do Humber out" answered Cmdr Humber. "What an impossible man" thought Smith afterwards.

          On Terra, Cmdr Wray was taking notes and listening to what Trianna was teaching her, "Anna, you're stressed out, what you need is a break away from the little ones and to relax. You can spend some time with me and Isoisa and it would be good for our little ones to socialize." "Social skills class?" asked Cdmr Wray. "You could say that and you could do with a friend right about now" answered Trianna. "I learnt very quickly not to build up attachments to people, it avoids any pain" replied Cmdr Wray. "I've been in your position, I've lost people I care about but at the same time having friends who can help is much better" answered Trianna. "I see your point" replied Cmdr Wray. "Come on, time for you to take a break" answered Trianna. Both Cmdr Wray and Trianna boarded a shuttle and landed at Trianna's home. "Anna, this is my wife, Isoisa" said Trianna introducing Isoisa to Cmdr Wray. Cmdr Wray got her little ones out of their buggy and over the course of the afternoon, Cmdr Wray learned to relax as the little ones played.
            "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
            -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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            The room didn't exist physically, yet the tension in the atmosphere was extremely thick.
            The beings in there vented in subdued rage.
            "We have done nothing for too long!"
            "With each passing moment that aberrant timeline becomes more likely!"
            "We have only two years left before it comes to pass."
            "Our agents have repeated failed."
            "More drastic measures must be taken."
            "We have no choice left but to use direct action."
            "Make contact with them, give them whatever resources that they need."
            "For the sake of all, they must succeed in destroying them."
            "The temporal aberrations must be destroyed!" They all chorused
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            Denorios Belt, Bajor System (MU red)

            Word had reached General Smith's ear that another rebellion had broken out, this time it was more serious as the target was the Los Lobos. "Is the empress on Terra?" asked Smith to Trianna over a secure channel. "She left on the Los Lobos this morning with Fleet Admiral Heath and the twins" answered Trianna. "Oh hell" replied Smith. "Get to the yellow empire as fast as possible" answered Trianna, "my people picked up this, make good use of it" she finished with sending Smith the file. "Thanks, you're a lifesaver" replied Smith. "Someone's got to make sure you lot come back safe" answered Trianna. "True, keep us updated, Smith out" replied Smith and the screen went blank. "Helm set course for the Yellow Betazed" ordered Smith. Smith only took his most elite crews and MACOs with him as the rest of Omega headed back to base. The London entered the wormhole and soon emerged in the yellow empire.

            "We have Los Lobos and the royal fleet on sensors, bad news is there is a rebel fleet waiting for them" reported Sydulla as she relayed co-ordinates to helm. "Set course, Ibarid I need as much power to those engines as possible. Divert power from non-essential systems and auxiliary power is you have to" ordered Smith. "Roger that Boss" acknowledged Pitaskli. Smith's squadron jumped to warp 9.9 and soon they spotted the Los Lobos and her escorts, they were being converged on by rebel ships. "All ships, jump into normal space right in middle of the enemy" ordered Smith. "All ships report ready" reported Sydulla. "Go" ordered Smith. On the Los Lobos, Thay was keeping the twins calm while Heath suddenly saw Imperial ships jump in and open a corridor for the royal fleet to go through being escorted by Smith's Omega volunteers. "Hail the London" ordered Heath.

            On the London, Smith answered and the crew bowed to Heath. "General, I thought I ordered you to stay in the other empire" said Heath. "Ma'am, we got a tip off, I've left the rest of Omega in the other empire under Captain Petrofski's capable command" answered Smith. "How did they know?" asked Heath. "I've asked our mutual friend to look into the matter, our mutual friend also sent me this, transferring on a secure connection" answered Smith. "Interesting so we have a spy in our midst" replied Heath after reading the report. "We're getting a secure call from red Terra" reported Sydulla. "I'm expecting this" answered Smith. Trianna appeared on the viewscreen and Smith ordered the bridge cleared. Once the bridge was cleared, Trianna briefed Heath on the situation, "Ma'am, after looking up this serious manner, I found the source. It came from the red Imperial palace, after reviewing the security feeds I found this" reported Trianna showing Smith and Heath the security footage and an intercepted call made just after Heath left for the Los Lobos. "I know that face" said Heath. "That's defense minister Travis" answered Smith. "You know him?" asked Heath. "We have history, Class A scumbag of the highest caliber for his cruelty to others. We shut his Kelpien farm down and liberated the inmates" answered Smith.

            "Keep an eye on him" ordered Heath. "Ma'am" answered Trianna and her screen went blank. "General, thanks for the assist back there" said Heath. "Need an escort rest of the way?" asked Smith. "Form the outer ring" answered Heath. "How are the twins?" asked Smith out of concern. "They're fine, thanks for asking" answered Heath. "Just doing my job" replied Smith. "And tell that crazy helm officer of yours to stop giving Aunlel ideas" said Heath smiling. "Might not be possible, Isoisa has always been that crazy" answered Smith. "Jumping out of warp in middle of the enemy fleet and blasting a corridor, I have never seen that done before" replied Heath. "If it's crazy, it works" answered Smith. "My advice is be unpredictable" replied Heath teaching Smith a quick lesson. "Rules to live by" answered Smith. "We'll talk on Betazed in person, until then you're in command of the escort, I have my other duties to attend to" ordered Heath. "Ma'am" answered Smith. "Heath out" replied Heath and the screen went blank to stars. Smith recalled the bridge crew and the Omega volunteers escorted the Los Lobos and her escort to Betazed safely.

              "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
              -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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              "Hello ladies."
              The Sitos looked up the stranger.
              "Who are you?"
              "How did you get in here?"
              "Both good questions that can be answered later. Suffice it to say that I represent people who have the same goals as you."
              "And what goals are those?" Mirror Sito asked.
              The figure smiled.
              "The complete destruction of a certain female Bajoran across all universes."
              The Sitos looked at each other.
              "You have our attention," prime answered.
              "Wonderful. Let's go somewhere more private to talk."
              All three disappeared from the room.
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              Deep space, prime universe

              "Have a seat ladies. I'd offer you a drink but we're about to hit turbulence." Their host suggested.
              "Turbulence?" Mirror Sito asked
              "In space?" Prime added
              "A necessity I'm afraid. Oh, you should hang on now. We're about to hit it..."
              The three were almost thrown out of their chairs as the ship shook around them.
              "What the hell?"
              "Sorry. Even we can't do anything to dampen that. Happens every time we go through the barrier."
              "What barrier?" Mirror demanded.
              "The one around the Galaxy of course."
              "You took us through the barrier?" Prime asked in shock.
              "I thought I just said that."
              "What barrier?" Mirror asked again
              "There's an energy barrier around the Galaxy. It takes a lot of effort to get through it." Prime explained.
              "Very worth it though. No one ever comes out this way. Except us, that is. Now that the shaking is over would you like a drink?"
              "I'd rather know who you are and what this is about." Mirror said.
              "We have time before we arrive. So you can have both."
              He handed each a glass before returning to his seat with his own.
              " Ah, the good stuff. Now, I represent a group that works to protect the interest of the federation."
              "Section 31..." Prime said smugly
              "*Sigh* you see I told them we need to be more covert. But yes. I do and there's a person that poses quite possibly the greatest threat the Federation has ever faced."
              "Indeed. The two of them are temporal aberrations. Two copies of the same person. They are the focal point of two divergent timelines. More time that goes by the greater the instability they cause. Should the two ever physically touch the resulting time quake will be nothing short of apocalyptic, for both universes."
              "So why don't you just kill her?" Mirror asked sipping her drink.
              "You two have tried. How much success did you have with the Empress?"
              "And with the other one married to the president, she's as well guarded as the Empress. Killing them outright is quite impossible."
              "So what do want us for?" Prime asked.
              "We have a facility out here, cloaked and physically and temporally shielded. We can arrange to have them "diverted" out to here. The temporal shielding will prevent them from causing any damage should they touch."
              "Again why do you need us." Mirror repeated.
              "When they arrive, they will be your guests. You treat them however you like as long as in the end they end up dead."
              "As pleasant as that sounds, what's in it for you?"
              "If left unchecked they will destroy the Federation in two years. We cannot let that happen."
              They were quiet.
              "We can do whatever we want to them?"
              "Anything you desire."
              They raised their glasses.
              "We're in." They chorused. Me
              And the Dark Empress will never reign in the prime universe, he thought to himself.
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              Betazed (MU Yellow)

              At the Regent's palace, General Smith was being debriefed by Regent Lot. "General, I'll forget the fact you disobeyed orders" said Papela. "Ma'am, with respect we got a tip off that something was afoot. I received intel that an ambush was waiting for the empress and her children, I took action" answered Smith. "What do you intend to do about our spy problem?" asked Papela. "I've asked Col Bray to get in contact with her friends, it's time to clean house over in the red empire and the fact someone with Sigma nine clearance broke the traitor Sito and Prime Sito out is of concern" answered Smith. "They were last spotted in the prime universe heading into deep space" replied Papela. "Section 31, I would not put it past them" answered Smith. "With some of their people in high places within both empires" replied Papela.

              "We also picked up a temporal signal from beyond the galactic barrier, a facility of sorts" said Heath. "Galactic barrier?" asked Smith. "It's a barrier of energy which surround the galaxy" answered Heath. "Beyond it is a perfect place to hide from unwanted attention but we cannot go into the prime universe" replied Smith. "But the Alliance can" answered Heath. "It seems Section 31 went underground since we last visited, we need to kill the proverbial Hydra in a permanent fashion" replied Smith. "Near impossible, Section 31 has been around since the days of United Earth. They will do the jobs that are too dirty for the Federation to protect their interests. There interests are to kill me" answered Heath. "It gets worse I'm afraid, your counterpart may also be in Section 31's cross hairs, those things being broken out means they're planning something" replied Smith. "A trap?" asked Papela. "Perfect place to do it, is there a way to get this temporal reading to prime Admiral Heath?" replied Smith. "Advanced warning?" asked Heath. "You could think of it that way" answered Smith. "I can cover that" replied Heath. "Ma'am, I recommend you stay here on Betazed until this is dealt with" said Smith.

              "I will not hide" answered Heath. "Ma'am, you've always said if anyone has a problem with you, use words not actions. I know Bajorans are stubborn but in this case I'm asking you to think about what's the right thing to do, not only for you but also your twins" replied Smith. "Lazy, the General is speaking sense. I'd listen" said Thay. "It's sound advice" added Papela. "Right, you've all made your points. General, why's your wolf sat in front of the twins?" said Heath. "Attila, don't growl at the servant" said Smith. "He's guarding them from harm" noted Papela. "Attila, come here and lay down" ordered Smith clicking his fingers, Attila walked on over and laid down near Smith. "Will you three change your minds?" asked Heath. "That ambush was too close, all three of us are in agreement on the matter" answered Papela. "Agreed" answered Thay and Smith. "Put that Bajoran stubbornness to one side" advised Smith. "You all win, time to start planning" said Heath conceding defeat. "Right call" answered Papela.

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                "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
              • galattgalatt Member Posts: 707 Arc User
                Sorry, but no.
                This is the first part of a much bigger, longer plotline that will not be ended that quickly. Events that will effect both universes will move forward from this point. The base will not be found and them captured so easily.
              • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,813 Arc User
                  "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                  -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
                • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,813 Arc User
                  Terra (MU red)

                  After asking Jasmine to babysit, Trianna got her gear ready. "Trianna, go and do what you do best, go clean house" said Jasmine. "Thanks, Jas. This is a list of his routine" answered Trianna giving Jasmine her instructions. Trianna then got her equipment loaded into Shade's shuttle and soon they were on their way to Defense Minister Travis's villa in Sicily. "Empress's instructions are to capture Mt Travis alive, Ghost you're on over watch and disabling the security" said Shade. "Ma'am" answered Trianna. "I'll lead the main group in. Captain Petrofski, I need your MACOs to cover any routes out" said Shade. "My men are ready, just give the word" answered Petrofski. "Basilisk, you're our eyes in the sky. Your task is to guide us in and track all movement within the villa" said Shade. "Ma'am" answered Basilisk.

                  "Ground teams will move in once security is down, if the guards resist use lethal force. Everyone clear?" finished Shade. "Ma'am" chorused the troops. "Ghost, I need to speak with you in private" said Shade. "Ma'am" answered Trianna. "Everyone else dismissed" said Shade. Everyone but Trianna left the room and Shade had a chat with Trianna. "Are you 100% sure you want to be on the ground given you have a family to look after?" asked Shade. "I am, someone wants our empress dead so they need to be taken down" answered Trianna. "New ammo type?" asked Shade looking at Trianna's rifle. "Tungsten dart, due to it's density, it has greater stopping power" answered Trianna. "Stock up on sedative rounds as well before we deploy" ordered Shade. "Ma'am" answered Trianna. "Suit up, we're over the target in 20 minutes, dismissed Ghost" replied Shade. "Ma'am, time to take this scumbag down" answered Trianna before she went to her locker and suited up with the rest of the assault teams.

                  Gela, Sicily, Terra (MU red)

                  The shadows landed by parachute and formed up into their groups. "Ghost, Fang and Mace on me. The rest get to assault positions" ordered Shade as the shadows moved towards the villa. "Ghost, security" ordered Shade and Trianna got to work disabling the security. She was in and security shut down very quickly as Trianna moved up to her vantage point. Petrofski's MACOs formed a perimeter around the villa as the shadows infiltrated in. Trianna lined up her rifle and took aim, her first target was the guard at the security hut in the path of Shade's team. "Shade, guard at 200 metres from you north west" reported Trianna via secure channel. "Take him down" ordered Shade. Trianna fired one shot and the guard was dropped, Shade's team hid the body and moved in on the main building. "Guards, first and second floor. A dozen at the most" reported Trianna as Shade's teams infiltrated into the building stealthily taking down the guards. Trianna dropped another five on the second floor with quick successive shots.

                  "Guards eliminated, Mr Travis is on the second floor, look for a room with a carved wooden door. That's Travis's office" reported Trianna guiding the teams in. Surprise was complete when the shadows kicked the door in and dragged Travis out of the building after Trianna shot him in the groin with a sedative dart. After making sure no one else was in the villa, Shade had the guard's bodies put back into the villa and the villa was put to the torch after all records were seized. When Travis woke up, he found himself tied to the ceiling and floor by his arms and legs. "Mr Travis, let's talk" said Shade. "If you are wondering why your mouth has been kept open, let me answer that. Naughty man trying to hide a cyanide capsule in your teeth" said Trianna as she got a pair of pliers and extracted the tooth in question without any pain suppressant. "Good, now you cannot cheat justice" said Shade as she and Trianna got to work on Travis. "Let's keep things simple, yesterday the empress's fleet was ambushed. You were seen and heard sending information just after the empress and her family left Terra. Mighty suspicious don't you think?" asked Shade.

                  "I hope she and her family froze in the cold depths of space" answered Travis. "Ghost, soften him up" ordered Shade. "Which bone first?" said Trianna sizing up what body part to target, She kneed Travis in the groin then Trianna broke his ankle. The screams could be heard out in the corridor of the Imperial jail. "Your allies failed, let's talk about your allies. Who are they and if I'm not satisfied with your answer then my colleague here will hurt you" said Shade as she got to work on Travis. "They did not say who they were but they claimed to represent a group only interested in the killing of two Bajorans" answered Travis. "Which two Bajorans?" asked Trianna. "Go to hell, they'll kill me if I tell you" answered Travis. "I'll kill you if you don't answer, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place" replied Trianna as she tightened up the restraints. "These are agonizer restraints and they are on full power, refusal to co-operate will mean pain and it will be extreme pain" said Shade. "So what's it gong to be?" asked Trianna. "Layress" answered Travis just before Trianna could hit the switch. "He's telling the truth, I can sense the fear in him. The same fear he put his victims through" said Trianna. "Mr Travis, siding with the enemy is high treason, Ghost, what's the penalty?" said Shade. "Death" answered Trianna. "Defense minister Edward Travis, you have been found guilty of crimes against the Terran Empire, sentence is death" said Shade. Trianna then carried out the sentence by beaming Travis to the I.S.S. Moskva and transporting him into space to freeze and suffocate.

                  When Trianna got home, Jasmine was reading to Ablim a story she heard growing up. "How's he been?" asked Trianna. "Little angel" answered Jasmine as she handed Ablim back over to Trianna. "Thanks for babysitting, I may have to ask you again at some because I may be busy during the day cleaning house" replied Trianna. "Good hunting?" asked Jasmine. "Indeed" answered Trianna.
                    "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                    -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                    Valdez farm, Earth (prime)

                    Nathan Valdez had a crisis, with Joanna away on service along with Isoisa and Ablim Snr, Valdez was dealing a spat. "Rick, you're an idiot" yelled Trianna (yellow). "Whatever Terran" yelled Rick Dawson back. "Don't call me Terran, **** for brains" yelled Trianna (yellow). "Woah!!!! Both of you cool it, Rick stop antagonizing your sister and Anna, less of that language" said Valdez nearly raising his voice. "She's not my sister" yelled Rick back. "Like it or not, I am so deal with it" yelled Trianna (yellow). "How many races have you wiped out, Terran?" yelled Rick back. "THAT'S IT BOTH OF YOU!!!!" yelled Valdez. That got both Rick and Trianna's (yellow) attention. "You're not my father Nathan" said Rick. "I know I'm not but you could at least show some respect, your attitude has got worse since you were expelled from the academy. "Failure" taunted Trianna (yellow). "Anna, enough of that. You're 21 so you should know better and Rick, being 17 does not mean you can behave like that" said Valdez.

                    "Why don't you both learn to think, I do not want my children picking that kind of behavior and language up" said Trianna (prime). "They'll pick that language up anyway" answered Rick. "Not the point Rick" replied Trianna (prime). "Rick, Anna follow me. It's time you two learnt to get along so I've got a job for you both and you have to work together under my supervision" said Valdez. "But dad....." said Trianna (yellow) before she was cut off mid-sentence. "No buts" answered Valdez. Both Rick and Trianna (yellow) followed Valdez to the stable and they were handed a shovel, brush, face mask and gloves. "I want all this cleaned up, should take you both the entire afternoon and I want it done to my standards so chop chop" instructed Valdez. "It stinks in here" complained Rick. "Not fair" complained Trianna (yellow). "I grew up on a farm, Rick by time I was your age, I was practically helping run it. A little hard work never did me harm so you both have no excuses" replied Valdez. "My dad never punished me like this" said Rick. "Rick, your mother will find out and she'll deal with you accordingly" replied Valdez.

                    "Mom's scary" answered Rick. "You've wasted enough time, get to work" said Valdez. Both Rick and Trianna (yellow) stopped complaining and got to work. After four hours, the stable was cleaned and it passed inspection. "Both of you, the next you decide to argue in front of the children, same thing" said Valdez. "Do the crime, do the time" said Trianna (yellow). "Yep" added Rick. "Good, you both understand actions have consequences, both of you go and get cleaned up and changed" said Valdez. "Yes dad" answered Trianna (yellow). "Yes Nathan" answered Rick. Both Rick and Trianna (yellow) went to get cleaned up and the arguments started again, Valdez just sat down and sighed "kids." "Have you tried getting them to sit down and try and discuss it like civilized people?" asked Trianna (prime). "Tried that, they're not interested" answered Valdez. "Work at it dad" replied Trianna (prime). "Easier said than done" answered Valdez. "You'll get there, at least Anna has not lost her temper" replied Trianna (prime).
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                      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                      Betazed (MU yellow)

                      General Smith was on his way to the shuttle pad when a shot rang out and hit him in the shoulder followed by a knife to torso. Smith collapsed as Attila took the would be assassin down and latched onto the assassin's arm and refused to let go. Medical teams rushed to the area and Smith was taken to the Regent's palace hospital. Mereu clicked her fingers and Attila followed as security hauled the assassin off to the cells. Mereu was held back by the Empress who told her that "emotional bonds can cause mistakes and that you need to be with your husband supporting him." "How bad?" asked Mereu. "He'll live but he's out of action for a while, the wolf saved his life" answered Doctor Lot.

                      "Attila, good boy" said Mereu as Smith was being worked on by Doctor Lot and her surgeons. When Smith came to, he found himself in a hospital bed and Attila sat guarding him. "What happened?" asked Smith. "Someone tried to assassinate you, they failed" answered Mereu. "Not the first time I've been wounded, still hurts like hell" replied Smith as he held his wife's hand. "I know, you've always put your people's safety before your own" answered Mereu. "Who saved me?" asked Smith. "Attila did, he took down the assassin and would not let go until commanded to" answered Mereu. "Good boy" said Smith stroking Attila with his other hand. Attila just put his front paws on the bed and was about to jump up but Mereu clicked her fingers and Attila laid down. "I need to get out of here" sighed Smith. "Not a chance General, you are in no fit state to be moving around" said Doctor Lot. "A right little Napoleon" sighed Smith. "I heard that General" said Doctor Lot.

                      "I'm going to be bored, need something to do" said Smith. "You've got all this paperwork to sort out, that should keep you occupied" answered Mereu giving Smith a stack of PADDs to read and approve. "Lovely" sighed Smith. "And there's something special for you on the top PADD" replied Mereu. "This is a medical report for you" answered Smith. "Read it" replied Mereu. "No way" answered Smith after reading the PADD. "Dexter, you're going to be a father" replied Mereu. Heath and Papela walked in and having overheard the news, they congratulated the Smiths and Papela began asking questions to Smith about what happened. Smith answered Papela's question with clarity and the information was sent to Papela's interrogators. "Regent, I may want to speak to that scumbag. He's made me angry" requested Mereu. "Granted" answered Papela. "Dexter, I'll be back to visit later, Attila, guard him" said Mereu. "May I call you Dexter?" asked Heath. "No uniform, no rank" joked Smith. "Dexter, the people who want me dead may have targeted you, you've become a threat to them" said Heath. "When I get out of here, I'll hunt every last one of them down" replied Smith. "I've contacted your sister, she's on her way, your new orders are to rest and recover and welcome to the Assassination survivor's club" answered Heath. "God help the scumbag who did this, Mereu is going to hurt him and hurt him badly" replied Smith.

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                        "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                        -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                        Presidential Residence, Earth Prime

                        “Are you sure you want to do this sir?”
                        “Sparing is a great way to blow of steam when Djetta. And you’ve come close to breaking several of staff in half. Now put on your gloves and let’s go.”
                        “I assume this isn’t some set up to get me arrested for punching the president?’
                        “You’ll be lucky if you get a hit in on…”
                        Ford broke off as she backhanded him to the floor.
                        “Cheap shot.” He said getting up
                        “You dropped your guard. You always do that.”
                        “Won’t happen again.”
                        “You always say that too”
                        The two circled around each other. Ford launched into a steady stream of punches that she managed to block.
                        “That was more aggressive than normal,” she observed. “It would appear that I’m not the only one that needs to ‘let off steam’.”
                        “I don’t know what you mean.”
                        “Come now sir. Today is your one year wedding anniversary and your here wanting to fight with me instead of being with your wife?”
                        Ford threw several more punches that failed to connect.
                        “She is on her way back from Andoria,” he explained. “She went shopping.”
                        “I know. For silk for an outfit that she plans to wear tonight for your anniversary dinner. So why are you risking getting bruised?”
                        “I have reasons.”
                        “You mean like frustration?”
                        She lashed out sent him to the floor again.
                        “Your concentration keeps slipping sir.”
                        “My concentration is fine,” he said standing.
                        “it must be agony for you sir.”
                        “What do you mean?”
                        “It was said that you could have won the election with just the votes of all the women you had slept with.”
                        “Your point?”
                        “And now you’re married to the one woman that you can’t seem to get in to bed.”
                        “Do you pry that much in to my personal life?”
                        “I do when it effects your mental well being.”
                        “every time we try, something happens.”
                        He started pounding her gloves.
                        “The always some emergency, soothing needs to taken care of, some political hack that can’t wip his nose without my approval…”
                        “All of which leads to an unconsummated marriage, a frustrated president and an admiral that’s still a virgin.”
                        “Exactly… wait what?”
                        She laid him out again.
                        “Dammit Djetta stop doing that!”
                        “I saw that you even contacted that admiral from the mirror Universe on advice on how to get her in bed. I can’t believe that you are taking her advice.”
                        “I’m a desperate man. Desperate men do desperate things.”
                        “Normally I would lecture about your bad behavior gut given how much you reflexes seem to have deteriorated, I see you desperately need this. So when she arrives I will lead her in to your love nest trap where you may recuse her.”
                        “Thank you. I…”
                        The lights went out in the room.
                        “Did you set the timer wrong for tonight?”
                        “No sir.”
                        Ford pulled off his gloves and touched the comm panel.
                        “Security. What’s going on?”
                        There was no reply.
                        “Right. Djetta, contact the Constellation tell them…”
                        He never finished that sentence as a phaser blast caught him in the back and sent him sprawling. Djetta started to turn but was also hit before she could see her attacker.
                        The lights came back up. Had they been conscious, they would have been surprised to see themselves standing over them.
                        “House secured,” Djetta said.
                        “Thank our new friends for the security codes,” Ford smiled.
                        A PADD on a table chirped. He walked over to check it. He laughed.
                        “It’s a warning from back home, about a plot against that hot piece of tail of his. You sure I can’t let come back first before sending her out? I never got a piece of the one that became Empress.”
                        “Stick to the plan,” she chastised him. “Our friends gave us explicit instructions. Mr. President.”
                        He laughed again.
                        “Get the others in here to take of them. I have to call my wife.”

                        USS Los Lobos
                        (near Sol System)
                        “What do you mean you need me to go meet with the Mirror forces?” Heath complained sitting at her desk. “It’s our anniversary.”
                        “I know. I know. But a group of their Borg attack survivors came over to see the memorial at Wolf 359. It would look good if you were there to greet them.”
                        “I’m already in my dress for tonight,” she complained.
                        “So you’ll look great while meeting with them.”
                        “Fine we’ll change course.”
                        “Actually, there’s a runabout coming to get you.”
                        “Why can’t I go in my own ship?”
                        “Because the legend of the Los Lobos precedes you. We don’t want to scare them.”
                        “This just gets better and better,” she sighed. “I’m only staying for an hour.”
                        “That’s fine.”
                        She stood up and gave him a full view of her dress.
                        “This is what you’re sending away.”
                        “You have no idea how much I want to be there.”
                        “See you in a few hours.”
                        She turned off the screen.
                        “R’Shee there should be a runabout approaching.”
                        “It just hailed us.”
                        “Park here. I’ll be back in a couple hours.”
                        “More first lady duties?”
                        “We’ll be here when you get back.”

                        She beamed over to the runabout.
                        “Hello. So, let’s go meet our guests…”
                        She walked forward to talk to them, but bumped into a containment field.
                        “What the hell?”
                        The ship went to warp.
                        “What the hell’s going on?”
                        Gas started pouring in to chamber around her. she touched her badge
                        “Heath to Los Lobos! Heath to…”
                        She began coughing and slumped to the floor.
                        “Sleep well,” the pilot said mockingly. “You’ve got a long trip ahead of you.”

                        Betazed mu yellow

                        "You said you were going to be safe." Thay complained
                        "I'm going to a school to meet children," Layress countered. "We set this up months ago. It's one of the special science school set up to teach them to think first, fight second. You know, our 'Intelligence is the ultimate weapon' campaign?"
                        "I know, but..."
                        "Look, you want to move here and raise the girls here, right?"
                        "You know I do."
                        "Well I want to make sure they have good schools for them. So consider this advance scouting for when or if we do move here."
                        "Have I told you lately how adorable you are when you're being manipulative?"
                        "Not recently. So how do I look?"
                        "Sexy school mom levels of hot. Sure I can't get you back in bed? Both Papela's are here playing with the girls."
                        "Duty calls. Besides, how can I tell them about the importance of always being on time if I'm late?"
                        Thay put her arms around her from behind.
                        "Be careful"
                        "Pauline and the girls are coming with me. When I get back, we'll give the staff the night off and I'll cook dinner."
                        Thay groped her chest.
                        "Served on these?"
                        "In that case, It won't be anything fried."

                        The school was located near the center of the city. Residences many ambassadors and Representatives of many world's of the Empire.surrounded the school as most of their younger children attended there.
                        The young Andorian teacher greeted them as they arrived.
                        "I'm honored that you came ma'am. The kids are so looking forward to seeing you."
                        "Well I wouldn't want to disappoint them."
                        The Empress and her guards filed in to the room behind her. The children of parents from across the quadrant stood in several rows across the room from them. They fidgeted nervously as she smiled at them.. The five girls in the front row were holding bouquets of flowers.
                        She smiled at them.
                        "Hello everyone."
                        "Hello ma'am"
                        "Are those flowers for me?"
                        One by one they slowly shuffled forward and handed her the flowers. She thanked them and kissed each one on the cheek.
                        "Thank you for all these lovely flowers, I..."
                        There was a sudden hiss as as a cloud of gas billowed forth from the flowers in her arms. The empress and her guards collapsed as did the others in the room.
                        Except for the small Ferengi girl.
                        She walked up and removed the Empress's earring then placed a transponder on her forehead. The Empress disappeared from the room and reappeared in the hold of a ship in orbit.
                        "Package on board," the Ferengi girl heard in her ear. "Deliver your package then make yourself scarce."

                        ISS Los Lobos
                        Betazed mu yellow orbit

                        "What happened?" Thay demanded.
                        "We don't know yet," Vaylin said calmly. "Her guards and the others haven't woken up yet. whatever they were exposed to is suppressing their higher brain function."
                        "Maybe a few hours in an booth will revive them."
                        "Unlikely ma'am."
                        "I still want it done! We have to find out what happened."
                        "That could permanently lobotomize them."
                        "Ask me if I care..."
                        The door opened and Paris rushed in holding a small box.
                        "Ma'am, this was handed to the official investigating the scenes. It was addressed to you."
                        She took the box but was interrupted before she could open it.
                        "Ma'am, we have an emergency call from the surface."
                        "Put it through."
                        "Thay!" she heard Callie screaming over the audio only signal. "There's been an explosion at the Imperial Palace on Betazed! Cosl, Pren and I are okay, but Osha was with Kestrella when the device went off ... the doctors say they'll both be okay, but ... She ... Papela Lot, she's dead. The red one, she's dead. She threw herself on top of Ohsa..."
                        Thay wasn't listening any more. Her fingers were opening the box in her hands. She reached in and pulled out an Bajoran earring.
                        "What is that?" Vaylin asked
                        "Its Lazy's. She never takes this off," Thay said quietly. "Someone wants us to know they have her... No one is to know she's missing. Understand?"
                        They all nodded.
                        "I...I need a moment. Excuse me."
                        She left the room to their concerned looks.
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                        Terra (MU red)

                        Trianna got the news of what happened on Betazed to the regent. After the shock and disbelief had passed, her anger level rose and she vowed revenge. General Smith was also out of action as he was transferred home for rest and recovery, when he got the news, his reaction was not good. "Trianna, find out who would do this. Have your friends hunt them down and I don't care how badly they hurt them as long as they confess" said Smith trying not to strain himself. "I know some people who can help, trust me" answered Trianna, "Naynta, Jodi both come in please." "Someone will die screaming" yelled Naynta when she got worrd of what happen to the regent, Jodi's reaction was even more direct, "time for the sisters to unite and find the creeps who did this, Tri, we'll forget our disagreements because now is not the time so bury the hatchet?" asked Jodi. "Fair enough, Naynta you as well" replied Trianna. "You used me as target practice" answered Naynta. "Only because you messed up, but out of respect for mother, let's bury the hatchet and avenge her" replied Trianna.

                        "Agreed, time to break some skulls" answered Naynta. "Count me in" said Isoisa. "We want in as well, Battle Fleet Omega will join this endeavor" added Captain Petrofski. "Dexter, can you co-ordinate from here?" asked Jodi. "Only thing I can do" answered Smith. "Tri, we need you to relay intel from here. You've got a little one so keeps you on Terra" said Naynta. "We'll find the scum who killed mother" added Jodi. "We cannot leave the empire undefended so I'm taking just the I.S.S. Moskva" said Petrofski. "The I.S.S. Papela will join you" replied Jodi. "We did salvage the Sovereign class Los Lobos and she's been repaired and retrofitted, I command from Los Lobos" added Naynta, "Admiral Heath has volunteered the Enterprise to our cause, four ships and one objective. Avenge mother, everyone clear?" she asked afterwards. "Let's go" chorused the officers going on the mission.

                        Earth (Prime)

                        Captain Joanna Valdez had got word of Heath's disappearance, "Captain, she did not come home last night" said Ford in a distressed tone. "What happened?" asked Captain Valdez. "A runabout picked her up and Layress has not been seen since, I've scrambled any ships on non-essential operations to begin their search. We won't rest until we find her" answered Ford. "The crew of the Cairo volunteer" replied Captain Valdez. "Is Mr Valdez there?" asked Ford. "I am Mr President" answered Nathan Valdez. "Can you contact the Romulan Star Union? We'll need more ships on the search" asked Ford. "I'll ask them, they have more advanced tech than we do so it should help" answered Valdez. "I've also got in touch with our allies, they've agreed to send ships to assist. Captain Valdez, you are in command of the search group. TF-113 will be joining you" said Ford to Joanna. "Of course Mr President" answered Captain Valdez.

                        "Meanwhile, I'll be speaking with the council and Starfleet, find her Ford out" said Ford and the screen went blank. "Mom, I want to volunteer" said Trianna (yellow). "Are you sure Anna?" asked Captain Valdez. "I used to be part of the Imperial Starfleet, I have military experience" answered Trianna (yellow). "Have you asked your father?" asked Captain Valdez. "Please dad" asked Trianna (yellow). "Joanna, bring our girl back home safe. Anna, best behavior" said Valdez. "Yes dad" answered Trianna (yellow). "The Kamakura has been assigned to the search as well" said Isoisa as she received her recall papers. "Isoisa, Anna let's go" ordered Captain Valdez and they beamed up to their ships. "Computer, put me through to High Protector Soreth" ordered Valdez. Valdez then asked the RSU for their assistance in the matter and they agreed, Nydon and Battle Group Scythe joined the search.
                          "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                          -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                          U.S.S. Cairo

                          "Anna, what was your rank in the Terran military?" asked Captain Valdez. "Ensign" answered Trianna (yellow). "Well, Ensign Valdez man your station" ordered Captain Valdez. "Yes mom sorry Ma'am" answered Trianna (yellow) as she took the computer warfare station. Helm, one quarter impulse until we leave spacedock and jump to warp five" ordered Captain Valdez. "Ma'am" answered the helm officer. "Ma'am, does President Ford take eye drops?" asked Trianna (yellow). "Not usually, why?" answered Captain Valdez. "Why was his reaction to sunlight different than the last time I saw him?" asked Trianna (yellow). "A question we can answer at a later time" answered Captain Valdez. "Something was off about him, not sure why but he was not in distress even though he showed those emotions about his wife disappearing" replied Trianna (yellow). "You suspect something?" asked Captain Valdez. "In a way yes, I cannot put my finger on it just yet but something does not sit well about all this" answered Trianna (yellow).

                            "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                            -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                            ISS Los Lobos

                            Thay re-entered the room.
                            The calm look on her face was firmly locked in place
                            "Are you alright ma'am?" Vaylin asked.
                            "I'm fine," was the curt response.
                            "Ma'am. I think you should have your own security increased. Until she returns, you're in charge of the empire," Paris stated.
                            "I have a large staff that can do a good job of watching my body, and, I'll have you to watch my back just in case. As for the Empire, I have another busty Bajoran in mind, get me a secure line to Admiral Heath."
                            "Yes ma'am," Paris replied. "Going to have her do her Empress impression again? "
                            "If need be. She's very convincing. Now ... where is my wife?!"
                            "we have to start our scanning from her last known location. We have her on the line."
                            Thay moved the monitor so Paris is out of the frame.
                            "Sorry in advance, Paris." she whispered
                            "Hello Admiral. It's been awhile. We are getting underway."
                            "To go where?"
                            We are planning to hunt down those responsible for..."
                            "On whose authority are you doing this?"
                            "Did I give you permission for you to leave your post?"
                            "No ma'am."
                            "Then why are you?"
                            "Given the situation I will over look it this time. But never again."
                            "Yes ma'am."
                            " Now Admiral, given this situation the Empress is busy, you know the drill ... the Empress has been working over time recently and *squeezes Paris' chest* has been ordered by her doctor to relax."
                            "I can only imagine the stress she must be under. Is there anything you need me to do to help?"
                            "Lockdown the Betazoid sector," Thay ordered. "No ships in or out without being searched. Papela.... she will likely be screaming at you, but I need not remind you, despite being our Empress briefly, she no longer has any say over the military.
                            Once you've locked down the sector, I want you to personally oversee security for Papela, Callie, Cosl, Osha and Pren on Betazed.
                            After both objectves have been completed, you're to make a public announcement about a terrorist cell operating in the area, and how your forces are in battle with said enemy. There is an abandond mining station Near Trill ... by all means destroy that.
                            Thay out."
                            She turned to Paris.
                            "My apologise, Paris, but she has a habbit of picking up on the details without anything being said ... now let's begin."
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                            U.S.S. Cairo

                            "What are you doing?" asked Captain Joanna Valdez to Trianna (yellow). "Finding evidence" answered Trianna (yellow). "You've bypassed the president's computer security" replied Captain Valdez. "I'll be in and out before they realize I've been in their system" answered Trianna (yellow). "You're crazy" replied Captain Valdez. "What's this?" noted Trianna (yellow). What have you found?" asked Captain Valdez. "A transporter log, it's got a transdimensional signature. Despite their attempts to delete it, they could not delete the whole file" answered Trianna (yellow) as she looked through Ford's computer files. "What is this? Why is there a new quantum signature?" asked Captain Valdez. "Well that same quantum signature has been on Earth for some time, ever since he came back from Risa" answered Trianna (yellow).

                            "We're going back to Earth" said Captain Valdez and she gave the order to return to Sol. On Earth, the Cairo sent down security teams and barged into the presidential residence catching Ford with Section 31. "Scan the president" ordered Captain Valdez. "Ma'am, his quantum signature does not match ours" reported Cmdr Greene. "President Micheal Ford, you are placed under arrest, anything you have to say will be used as evidence" said Captain Valdez reading Ford his rights. Ford was then cuffed and led to a secure facility for questioning. The Secton 31 operatives were also arrested and placed in an even more secure facility for questioning. Captain Valdez sighed "Something sinister is afoot" before she had every computer terminal downloaded and processed.
                              "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                              -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                              Detention centre, Earth (prime)

                              Ford was brought in for questioning, "You have no idea how much trouble you are in Captain" said Ford. "You're not the president, you're an impostor posing as him" replied Captain Joanna Valdez. "Ha ha ha, my allies are everywhere and there is nothing you can do to stop us" answered Ford. "Where's Admiral Heath?" asked Captain Valdez. "Out of your reach" answered Ford. "He's hiding something" said Trianna (yellow). "He's guilty" replied Captain Valdez. "I could extract the information we're after" suggested Trianna (yellow). "And you would be breaking the law" taunted Ford. "I know you are involved in Admiral Heath's disappearance" replied Trianna (yellow). "You have no proof" answered Ford. "Let's see what your friends have to say" replied Captain Valdez.

                              "Tick tock, time is running out for poor Layress" taunted Ford. "Where is she?" asked Trianna (yellow). "You cannot harm me in any way so you two are out of luck" taunted Ford. "Oh yeah, how about I put the lighting up" replied Trianna (yellow). "You would not" answered Ford. "Yes she would" replied Captain Valdez. "You're bluffing" answered Ford. "Computer, increase lighting by 20%, execute on my order" said Trianna (yellow). "You're still bluffing" answered Ford as Trianna (yellow) put some eye drops into her eyes. "Where is Admiral Heath?" asked Captain Valdez. "No comment" answered Ford. "Computer, prepare to execute my order and increase lighting by an extra 30%" ordered Trianna (yellow). "Not the light, Captain call off your ensign" answered Ford. "He's scared and what do we have here?" said Trianna (yellow), "Admiral Heath was not the only one abducted, his allies have abducted the empress as well"

                              "Maybe it's time we spoke to the empire about handing this impostor back to them for justice" said Captain Valdez. "Sounds like a very good idea" replied Trianna (yellow). "They'd kill me slowly and painfully" answered Ford. "I know" replied Trianna (yellow). After Ford was put back in the cell, both Captain Valdez and Trianna (yellow) transported back up to the Cairo and set a course for the Terran border. On route, the evidence recovered from Ford's computer and the information gathered from the interrogation was sorted and at the border, Captain Valdez made sure that Fleet Admiral Heath Thay got the new intel. "Call coming from the yellow Betazed" reported the Cairo's ops officer. "Put it through" ordered Captain Valdez. "Captain, we need to talk somewhere safe" said Thay, "Trianna, nice to see you again."
                                "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                You are assuming that people will be calm, rational, and simply give up.
                                They will not.
                                Accusing Ford in his office will result in them being shot, or if they escape labeled as part of the conspiracy.
                                He, is the president. His word will carry more than theirs.
                                As for the Mirror universe, per @thay8472 this is what will happen:

                                “that Ferengi child that gave her the flowers, we'll start our search with her,” Paris said. “Ferengi don't let their females out in public or wear clothes. Doesn't that strike you as odd?”
                                “The Ferengi of this universe aren't devoted to profit like those of your universe,” Thay explained. “Clothed females aren't uncommon here.”
                                “still she's a lead. We'll search for her.”
                                “Then get me some answers!’
                                “I'm working as fast as I can... I'm sorry ma'am. I'm worried about her too. If they touch one hair on head ...But she's strong. She handles all of us and two empires. We'll get her back, safely. “
                                Thay clipped the earring to her belt
                                “Potentially we could be looking at ... anyone from either Mirror Universe of this Federation off-shoot of your universe ... the list is endless. *ponders* If the Ask'kaar are involved again ... I might take a week away to Naynta's ship and watch them scream myself. “
                                “We do have the advantage of her not being native to here and a temporal anomaly. it makes her unique to track… Hold on… Callie just reported that they found a scorched federation comm badge in the rubble,” Paris reported. “We checked, the quantum signature matches. The bomber was from the Prime universe.”
                                Thay was quiet as she ran her finger along the earring.
                                “You know what, ... I've had enough of these Federation fools ... have Naynta’s fleet join mine, we're going to go to the Federation Universe. We'll focus our efforts of occupying Trillus Prime. “
                                “The copy of the Empress over there isn't going to like that,” Vaylin objected.
                                “Ask me if I care. I have questions that I will have answered. To the bridge.”
                                The three left the lab proceeded to the bridge.
                                “If anyone of you prime crew have an issue with firing on your former co-workers, leave the bridge,” she ordered. “Vaylin, order our ships to target the ships and stations in orbit of Trill, target weapons, engines and shields only. After, order the fleet to blockade the planet.”
                                “Ma’am, why are we doing this?” Aunlel asked
                                Thay sighed.
                                “Your Emp- former captain, has been abducted, I have no idea where to start hunting, but by god, the Federation will tell me. Shortly after she disappeared, there was a bombing on Betazed of the yellow universe, 36 people died, and over 100 more injured, including Osha ... while I remain skeptical, this was recovered at the scene .”
                                She showed the image of the Starfleet combadge on the main screen.
                                “Someone here knows, someone here always knows. And I will find out.”
                                Aunlel turned back to her controls.
                                “Attack patterns laid in.”
                                “Identifying shield harmonic frequencies for maximum penetration,” Paris added
                                “Our loyalty to her transcends any problems we may have ma'am,” Truzena announced.
                                Thay nodded.
                                “Signal the fleet, we'll disable only, if anyone fires at a disabled ship or escape pods, I will personally destroy you. “
                                “Yes Ma'am,” they all chorused.
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                                U.S.S. Cairo

                                Trianna (yellow) was briefing Captain Valdez and her officers on what to expect, "they're outraged so they'll attack anything, when dealing with them, compassion is weakness. They're highly militarized culture who will resort to more drastic means in order to achieve their aims so try not to provoke them." "Ensign, thank you for the insight, we'll stay on our side of the border, Kamakura, you have the package?" asked Captain Valdez. "One fake president about to be handed over to the empire" reported Captain Smith. "Good, make sure only Fleet Admiral Heath gets him" ordered Captain Valdez. "Ma'am" answered Captain Smith. "Abducting the president is technically illegal" said Trianna (yellow). "I took that into account, the empire is outraged yes but we are going to assist them and get to the bottom of this" answered Captain Valdez.

                                "Imperial Fleet coming through" reported the Cairo's ops officer. Everyone was one the bridge and were hailed by Fleet Admiral Heath. "Captain, stand aside and let us through" ordered Thay. "Is this channel secure?" asked Captain Valdez. "It is" answered Thay. "We know that your empress has been abducted, we found this posing as our president, our Heath Layress is missing as well" replied Captain Valdez showing Thay mirror Ford via livestream in the Kamakura's brig, "I believe he belongs to you." "Explain this" said Thay holding up a charred Federation combadge. "What happened?" asked Captain Valdez. "Someone from your universe bombed Betazed, the Regent is dead along with 35 others, 100 wounded including Osha" answered Thay in a very angry tone. "Section 31, it's the type of stunt they'd pull" replied Captain Valdez. "I believe her" said Naynta. "Naynta, you sure?" asked Thay.

                                "I am, I know that Ensign Valdez and she would not come along unless something was very very wrong" answered Naynta. "Captain, you're risking a lot to get this to us" said Thay. "I've had enough of Section 31, we have a common enemy" answered Captain Valdez. "Your empress being abducted and our Heath being abducted are not coincidences same with the bombing that happened on Betazed" said Trianna (yellow). "Let's work together, we're going to take down Section 31 once and for all and find our people" offered Captain Valdez. "Hand over the Ford in your cells to us, we want to question him" asked Thay. "Agreed" answered Captain Valdez. Ford was beamed over to Thay's flagship and Naynta got to work on him. "Captain, let's go hunting" said Thay. "Agreed, we're bringing friends. My husband managed to get some old friends of his to help us" answered Captain Valdez as Battle Group Scythe decloaked. "Time to go hunting" replied Thay. The Cairo and Kamakura joined up with Thay's fleet and Battle Group Scythe and jumped to warp, they would begin their crusade to rid the Federation of Section 31 and get their people home.

                                  "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                  -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                  Federation space

                                  As the combined crusade fleet moved into Federation space, they were joined by others opposed to Section 31. After making sure the rest of the Valdez family were moved to Brea III on a Romulan ship, Captain Valdez got confirmation that they arrived safely and were put in a heavily guarded villa. "Good, one less worry" she thought. "Section 31 will know somethings afoot" said Captain Valdez to Thay via secure communications. "The fact we have the "president" will alert suspicion" said Thay. "Keep him alive, we'll need a bargaining chip" replied Captain Valdez. "He'll be screaming" answered Thay. "I'll ignore that last comment" replied Captain Valdez. "His screams make me feel slightly better" answered Thay. "So if this mirror has been posing as the president, where's the real Ford?" asked Captain Valdez. "A good question" answered Thay smiling as mirror Ford was screaming under Naynta's tender care.

                                  "I've broken into Section 31's network, there's a base hidden 15 LYs from here" reported Trianna (yellow). "Our intel confirms the same, let's pay them a visit" said Thay. "Set a course, expect resistance" ordered Captain Valdez to the Federation and RSU ships joining them. "Imperial fleet, set a course" ordered Thay. The crusade jumped to warp and arrived in orbit of an asteroid mining station. "They're sending ships to intercept" reported the Cairo's ops officer. "Disable them, we need prisoners to question" ordered Captain Valdez. "Imperials, take those ships down but make sure the crews are alive" ordered Thay. The Section 31 ships were soon disabled and their crews were taken for questioning. The base was then secured and the computers were downloaded and processed, Captain Valdez kept a copy of the information as Thay was sent the new intel. "This is the beginning, we'll track Section 31 down a base at a time. They will have nowhere to hide" said Thay. "Agreed, it's time we exposed Section 31 to everyone" answered Captain Valdez.

                                  "What do you have in mind?" asked Thay. "We deliver an address to the peoples of the alliance, an address making public what they did on Betazed, you have 36 martyrs, do not let their deaths be in vain" answered Captain Valdez. "I'll do it, put me across all networks so everyone knows what they did" replied Thay. "Putting you on all networks now" answered Captain Valdez.

                                  Terra (MU red)

                                  "Ma'am, update on the case" said Trianna (red). "Col, what's happening?" asked Papela (yellow). "A Federation captain has made an alliance with Thay, they're hunting Section 31 and working on getting their respective Heaths home" reported Trianna (red). "Which Federation captain?" asked Papela (yellow). "Captain Joanna Valdez, she's gathered a group of captains who all have a grudge with Section 31, Dad has also got RSU support helping them. Captain Valdez has shared any intel she has found and we have our Ford in custody being interrogated along with other Section 31 prisoners" answered Trianna (red). "Ghost, get your friends ready and briefed. They're going to assist Thay" ordered Papela (yellow). "I've put the call through to Shade, she's on her way to join up with Thay" answered Trianna (red). "How's the general?" asked Papela (yellow). "Grumpy as hell and not in a good mood given what's happened, he wants to personally question the creep who tried to assassinate him" answered Trianna (red).

                                  Unknown location

                                  "We have a problem" said Franklin Drake to Sito (red). "What kind of problem?" asked Sito (red). "One of my listening posts just went dark followed by another Section 31 outpost" answered Drake. "Who's attacking you?" asked Sito (prime). "Unknown, when my people got to the attack sites, all computers had been wiped and a lot of dangerous information may be in enemy hands" answered Drake. "Thay" replied Sito (red). "She may have allies, only Section 31 installations have been hit?" asked Sito (prime). "Indeed, whoever is attacking us knows the locations of our bases" answered Drake. "It's got worse" said Sito (prime). "How so?" asked Sito (red). "Our mole was arrested by Starfleet this morning along with several of my operatives" answered Drake. "So where are they?" asked Sito (prime). "Unknown and likely being interrogated" answered Drake. "They'll trace this back to us" answered Sito (prime).
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                                    "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                    -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                    Federation Space

                                    "People of the Federation, there is a cancer at the heart of our society. That cancer is called Section 31, an organization who claims to protect the Federation's interests when really they are nothing but dishonest cowards who would take a mother away from her little ones. We're going to cut that cancer out and anyone who feels the way we do will do the right and decent thing and stand up to these people, I am not alone in that assessment and we must look in at ourselves for allowing such an organization to exist when they go against the values we have been brought up to uphold" said Captain Valdez across all channels.

                                    Thay then addressed the Federation with "These people have bombed innocents including children, we are coming to find the people responsible and will not stop until Section 31 is no more, just in case Section 31 is listening, if you harm those you have abducted then you will be hunted down without mercy. We're coming for you and we're not alone. People of the Federation, join us and we can remove the cancer that infects your society, I'm angry at those who would harm others in order to protect their own interests. Enough is enough, Section 31 ends and their members will face judgement for their crimes. Those not willing to do the right thing, stay the hell out of our way" The transmission was then cut as Klingon and Romulan Republic ships joined up with the crusade along with Federation captains who all felt the same way.

                                      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                      The room was vaguely oval shaped. On the floor lay two almost identical people.
                                      “Pump in the counter agent.”
                                      Clear gas was filtered into the room. The two people stirred, then opened their eyes. They blinked several times befor they lifted their heads. They looked around confused until they saw each other.
                                      There was a moment of shock before they threw themselves away from each other.
                                      “Finally awake? Don’t worry. You’re in a very heavily temporally shielded location. Your little problem isn’t an issue here.”
                                      ”Where are we?” the Empress demanded.
                                      “Somewhere you are never going to leave alive.”
                                      “That was not the same person,” the First Lady said. “Although they want us to think so.”
                                      “aw… they figured it out.”
                                      “No point in hiding now.”
                                      Two people stepped into the doorway of the room.”
                                      “Yes Empress. It’s us,” Mirror Sito said smiling.
                                      “And this time, we win,” Prime Sito laughed.
                                      “Do you know how many people want you two dead? Besides us that is?”
                                      “They consider you two a threat to both universes. So they set up this place to contain you.”
                                      “And brought us in here to deal with you.”
                                      “We were told that we can do whatever we want to you.”
                                      “As long as we kill you in the end.”
                                      “twist our arms why don’t they?”
                                      “What? No cliché lines like ‘You’ll never get away with this?’”
                                      “Well gues what, we already have.”
                                      “You Admiral Implants. You were sold out by your husband.”
                                      “He would never do that!”
                                      “Really?” Prime Sito said leaning forward. “He told you to board that runabout. He gave you to us.”
                                      “Maybe if you had gotten in bed with him you wouldn’t be here. Oh well sucks to be you.”
                                      “Don’t listen to her,” the Empress said. “You know Michael. He’s not like that.”
                                      “Don’t try to be so supportive Empress,” Mirror Sito purred. “You’ve got your own issues to deal with.”
                                      “What are you talking about?”
                                      A display behind the Sitos lit up. A news broadcast was running on it.
                                      “…INN coming to you from the site of the explosion at the Regents Palace. Citizens across both Empires are mourning the loss of fomer Empress Papela Lot. She appearently gave her life to shield Princess Ohsa from the blast.”
                                      “The Princess and her aunt Kestrella remain in guarded condition…”
                                      “I’ll kill you for that!”
                                      “You Empress are all talk.”
                                      “Come in here and I’ll show if I’m all talk.”
                                      “Oh I will in a moment, but you should look at this first.”
                                      The image on the display changed.
                                      “Your wife has taken her fleets and invaded the Prime universe.”
                                      “Apparently she found out that the bomber was from there. It was so hard to make sure that the bomb was powerful enough yet would let enough evidence survive. “
                                      “She’s very emotional when it comes to you. Just leaving her your earring was enough to spark this invasion. But she still seems to have some amount of self-control left. We’ll have to do something about that. Thay, be a dear and get the door.”
                                      Prime Sito held a phaser in one hand while she turned off the field.
                                      “You, Admiral Implants. On your feet.”
                                      The First Lady stood up as Prime Sito wrapped her arm around her neck and jabbed the phaser into her right bust.
                                      “Now then,” Mirror Sito said looking down at the Empress. “That ridiculous braid of yours. How long is it?”
                                      “I’d say it about touches the floor, doesn’t it.”
                                      “What about it?”
                                      Mirror Sito dropped a pair of scissors on the floor in front of her.
                                      “Cut it.”
                                      “Cut off your braid. We’re going to send it to our counterpart. When she get’s that, she will go berserk. She will kill anyone and anything that tries to stop her. Friend and foe unlike. Now do it.”
                                      The Empress looked at the scissors.
                                      “Do it. Or I put a hole in one these beach balls on her chest,” Prime Sito said grinding the muzzle into her captives bust.
                                      “You evil b*tch,” the First Lady hissed between her teeth. “Don't do it. They need us alive. If not they would have killed us already.”
                                      “I need you alive, that's true ... for now,” Mirror Sito placed an object on the First Lady’s neck. “Remember these Empress? The agonizers that you wanted to replace? Thankfully some of us prefer the old ways.”
                                      She smiled coldly at her.
                                      “For the longest time I’ve wanted to hear you scream. I guess she’ll do.”
                                      She switched it on.
                                      The First Lady gritted her teeth trying not to scream but she couldn’t stop herself. Prime Sito tightened her grip and kept her from falling.
                                      “Almost as satisfying as I thought it would be,” She purred. “But I think she can do better.”
                                      She took out a second agonizer and with one in each hand put her hands on the First Lady’s bust.
                                      “I'm told that the more sensitive the area the more intense the effect these little torture devices have.”
                                      She licked her lips in anticipation.
                                      “I can’t image how much this will hurt ... shall we find out?”
                                      “Yes Empress?”
                                      “Don’t…” ther First Lady managed whisper
                                      “Let her go and I’ll do it.”
                                      “I’ve got a better idea,” Mirror said smiling. “I’ll stop when you do it.”
                                      She switched on both at full intensity.
                                      The First Lady’s scream is something that Empress would remember forever.
                                      “Alright. Alright!”
                                      The Empress picked up the scissors. She pulled her braid over her shoulder and started cutting at her chin. The crunching sound of the scissors cutting through her hair barely dulled the screaming.
                                      “There. I did it! Now let her go!”
                                      Mirror Sito laughed.
                                      “Ah, that look, that's called defeat.”
                                      She turned them off. Prime Sito let her fall to the floor.
                                      Mirror Sito walked over and kicked the braid with her foot.
                                      “Truth is, I didn’t need yet. I still need to write the note that goes with it. I’ll leave it here with you so you can look at for a…”
                                      She stopped as the Empress lunged at her with the scissors. Sito drove both agonizers into her chest and turned them on.
                                      “Nice try. But that gas has a side effect of slowing a person’s reflexes for a few days afterward. Oh why am I explaining this? You can’t hear me over your own screaming.”
                                      She turned them off and let her collapse.
                                      Prime Sito looked down at the figure at her feet.
                                      “What wrong Ms. First Lady? You know I have my own agonizer. Would you like to try it out on you chest as well?”
                                      She lifted her head.
                                      “May the pah wraiths feed on your pah for all time.”
                                      Sito bent down and ripped her earring off and threw it against the wall.
                                      “You can spout that nonsense to someone else ... now ... I think it's time for some fun. “
                                      She went over and placed her agonizer onto Empress leg.
                                      “Now, it’s time you learn your place ... First Lady ... My lovely partner here is going to 'escort' you by tugging on your hair out of the room, you'll leave on your knees and follow her! If you get up, I turn the agonizer on, if you resist, It goes on, If at any point, I even suspect your planning something it goes on!”
                                      I going to kill you and I’m going to enjoy it, she thought as she tried to pull herself up to her knees.
                                      “Owww, I can feel her anger ... so I guess that means your plotting something. Sorry Empress.”
                                      “Before I die I will see you dead by my hands!”
                                      Prime came over and kicked her.
                                      “Shut up!”
                                      She looked back over her shoulder at the panting Empress.
                                      “Did you know our counterpart can’t have children? the Ask'kaar did some brutal experiments to her and her crew.”
                                      “It’s true,” Mirror Sito comnfirmed. “Only one survived, the mad Trill.”
                                      “So, first lady...” Prime Sito leaned toward her. “what would you like done to you? This facility to home to several unique races that can do one thing or another to your body.”
                                      The First Lady looked up at her.
                                      “Can they turn you into a Cardassian and send you back to the occupation? You belong there more than here.”
                                      Sito prime snarled and kicked her in the stomach.
                                      “Owww ... you provoked her into anger,” Mirror Sito purred.
                                      “Well...” Prime said struggling for control. “You know a lot of Cardassians took a Bajoran mistress? Perhaps we can find a spoon head to ravage that lovely body of yours.”
                                      She smiled at her.
                                      “I have a cousin who's half Cardassian. Really nice girl, better than someone like you who turned against her own people and tortured them just like they did, collaborator!”
                                      Sito roared and punched her in the chest.
                                      “Says someone who's perfect replica defected to the Terran Empire,” Mirror Sito countered.
                                      Prime Sito was practically foaming at the mouth. She grabbed the First Lady by the hair and lifted her off the floor.
                                      “Get me a chair! Bind her to it then send one of the Bajora ngirls into the room. You'll get to choose her fate!”

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                                      Section 31 Base (prime)

                                      Another base has been taken down, what was found was a surprise to the crusade. Hung up to a wall by his arms was President Ford, after a quantum scan, he was taken to the Cairo. In Cairo's sickbay, he came to and the first thing he said was "where's my wife?" Captain Valdez in a very tactful manner informed him that his wife was missing along with the empress and they were going to find them. "So who was posing as me?" he asked. "Your mirror" answered Captain Valdez. "Where is he?" asked Ford. "In a agony booth, I had him handed over to our Terran friends" answered Captain Valdez. "Ma'am, you better get up here" reported Trianna (yellow). When Captain Valdez got to the bridge, Thay was on the screen holding a braid of hair.

                                      "Thay, I used to work for you, would the empress want you to do something stupid or would she want you to act intelligently? The empress and first lady may be alive still" asked Trianna (yellow) trying to calm Thay down. "My stepdaughter has a point, they may not be dead" added Captain Valdez. "I want to get a message out, something only Lazy would understand and I want it on a Section 31 channel. "I'll add my voice to that" said Ford coming onto the bridge of the Cairo. "You're through" said Captain Valdez. "To the people who have taken the empress and my wife, we're coming for you. You can never hide and you can never run, Captain Sito Thay, you are declared a traitor to the Federation and when we catch up to you, you life is over. Your family will know the truth of what you have done and I did a little background check, it seems treachery is in your family. It seems your family actively collaborated with the Cardassians. If I was to make that public, what would happen to your family reputation, it would be destroyed" said Ford. "Then we destroy her family's reputation" suggested Thay. "Presidential order, the Sito family are to have their assets seized and I want the Federation news network to make public their treachery to their own people" ordered Ford. "Broadcasting the Sito family dirty laundry now" reported Trianna (yellow).

                                      "Oh Sito, you have gone and done it now. Bombing innocents, collaboration with Section 31 and treason just to name a few. If our respective Lazys are alive still, Kendra is getting brighter (uncoded, it means, we're coming to get you both). And Sito, I have a nice agony booth for you both to share the experience. We're coming for you and and the Federation Alliance has joined the Terran Empire as allies to get our people home. On the way Section 31 will be dismantled and destroyed, it's members will be hunted down" said Thay. "As of now, I'm making Section 31 an illegal organization, anyone who is a member will be arrested and prosecuted with full force of the law, those who have committed barbaric acts against the Terran Empire will be handed over to them. And Layress, my mirror had me abducted and he replaced me, he's in a agony booth under Thay's tender care" finished Ford.

                                      Later that day, the Federation news network broadcast the Sito family's shame to the whole Alliance and their assets were seized. The Sito family were also put under arrest and detained aboard the Cairo where a court martial was set up in front of the cameras, Prime Sito was found guilty in absentia and her achievements struck from the record. Ford made sure the Sitos would find out. Throughout the Federation, Section 31 was brought into the public spotlight and a trail of information from their database began piecing together the location of the facility both Heath's were sent to. As a show of unity, Ford and Thay signed a treaty of alliance and soon more reinforcements joined them. Terran, Federation, Romulans and Klingons all working as one to get the Heaths home alive and well.
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                                        "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                        -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                        Deep Space (Prime)

                                        In a conference aboard the Cairo, Captain Valdez and Thay had the Sito family brought to the room and restrained. "I think it's time we sent them a clear message" suggested Thay. "How?" asked Captain Valdez. "Simple, they've taken my wife so we've taken prime Sito's family and I want them to know that" answered Thay. "An exchange, our people for Sito's family but we use the family as bait to draw them out" answered Captain Dawson. "Anna briefed me on your culture, compassion being weakness" replied Captain Valdez. "I grew up in the Terran Empire, we cannot show any weakness because they'll exploit it" said Trianna (yellow). "Send them a message, tell them if Prime Sito does not want to see her family rot in a Bajoran jail then she'll bring our people alive and well so we can draw them into an ambush. We then launch a combined raid and break them out" suggested Captain Valdez. "As Dad so frequently says, all warfare is based on deception" said Trianna (yellow).

                                        "Lethal force is authorized if the Sitos resist but we want them alive for trial" said Ford. "Micheal, I like how you think" said Thay. "Anna, we have access to Section 31's computer network, break in and do your worst" ordered Captain Valdez. "Please say you have a back door in" answered Trianna (yellow). "Anna, you have presidential authorization, get me a visual feed to them" ordered Ford. "Yes sir" answered Trianna (yellow) as she started her cyber attack. "General Smith has sent me his finest commandos, they will work alongside the MACOs so first objective is draw them out" said Thay. "Klingon and Romulan ships will hide cloaked until we send the signal for them to surround their ship, Federation and Terran ships will stand side by side" added Ford. "Got a visual feed" reported Trianna (yellow) and the feed was put up on the monitor. It showed both Heaths being tortured, Thay's blood boiled in rage as Ford punched the desk. "Let's hunt these ****s down" snarled Thay.

                                        "Mr and Mrs Sito, that is what your daughter has turned into" said Captain Valdez. "Open a channel to them" ordered Captain Valdez. "You're through" reported Trianna (yellow). "Sito Thay, you took family from us so we took your family, if you do not want them to suffer in a Bajoran prison for the rest of their lives then you will bring our people alive and well to us. Failure to comply will mean a life sentence for your entire family and the Bajoran warden will know what they have done, maybe tell the guards to turn a blind eye when the other prisoners find out which they will and trust me you don't want to know what they will do to your family" said Captain Valdez. "You play hardball with us so we returned the favor" said Thay. "So what's it going to be, your family in a life sentence in the most violent jail on Bajor or you handing our people to us alive" said Captain Valdez. "Your family is ruined, their assets seized and redistributed to those your family made suffer and your family evicted from their home to live on the streets with no way to feed themselves" said Ford. "You are the cause of your family's fall and disgrace" said Captain Valdez. "So what's it going to be?" asked Ford.
                                          "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                          -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                          Terra (MU red)

                                          Dexter Smith was put on medical convalescence to recover from his injures, "I hate this" complained Smith. "Your mother has been informed, do you know her instructions were?" asked Mereu. "Knowing mum, make sure I stick to recovering and listen to the doctors" answered Smith. "Exactly because I'm your doctor so you have no chance of avoiding medical treatment, plus we can be a family and actually get some time together without work getting in the way" replied Mereu. "Thanks, ow!!" answered Smith. "You are in no fit state to be getting up, it's rest for you mister" replied Mereu. "Yes dear" answered Smith. "And this came through" replied Mereu handing Smith a PADD.

                                          "You've got to be kidding" sighed Smith. "I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, you've been retired from field service due to permanent injury" said Mereu. "Why does the universe hate me?" asked Smith. "No idea" answered Mereu. "Same" replied Smith struggling to accept field retirement. "However, MACO need an officer to run their operations from Terra. Your name was put forward as overall commander in chief of MACO" answered Mereu. "It means being stuck behind a desk" replied Smith. "Not entirely, you're a soldier's general and the troops know that. They all took the news hard but they are happy knowing that the boss will look out for them and support them" answered Mereu. "Somebody has to make sure they come home alive" replied Smith. "That's the spirit" answered Mereu. "Hows Trianna given what happened?" asked Smith.

                                          "She's on her way round, she needs a friend to talk to right about now" answered Mereu. "Always look out for each other" replied Smith as Jasmine and Trianna came in with the little one in his buggy. "Hey boss, sorry to hear about your field retirement" said Trianna. "I'm going to take the promotion to Marshal and commander of MACO here on Terra" answered Smith. "Been a rough few days" sighed Trianna. "Ghost, you crying?" asked Smith. "I was remembering some good time with mother, I miss her guidance" answered Trianna. "We all do, I can remember the talks with her. Very to the point but fair about it, she'll be missed greatly" replied Smith. "I turned down being empress, Papela was a better choice because she was wise and she proved an exceptional leader" answered Trianna.

                                          "Agreed" replied Smith.
                                            "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                            -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                            [DSC] Mirror Wars 4


                                            New Era


                                            Terran Ship




                                            'My uniform is better than yours'





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