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Glitch with Low Priority Interaction UI component

johnnyray14#4257 johnnyray14 Member Posts: 188 Arc User
edited April 2016 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
New glitch in 11.5: when I click on any button except the top button in the Low Priority Interaction area, the top button shrinks and causes all of the buttons to move up several pixels. If the mouse click was on the lower part of the button, the mouse cursor is no longer over the button I clicked, and upon releasing the mouse button it doesn't trigger the UI button action.

For example, after arriving at my starbase, if I try to click "Transwarp to Research Lab" but click the bottom part of it, nothing happens. The button evades my click :).


  • cklibcklib Member Posts: 185 Arc User
    edited April 2016
    Confirmed. Goes along with a lot of other UI shakiness everywhere such as selection/assignment/DOFF lists not remembering their previous scroll height or completely reloading upon starting assignments/tasks or them finishing in the background, dragged items sticking to the stationary mouse cursor when dropped, windows losing focus so they cannot be closed with ESC key anymore, DOFF/assignment list tooltips appearing even though their window isn't in the foreground, interaction dialogs saving button selection from other dialogs and thus nearly always having the most unlikely choice selected (hence, awkward 'F' keybind interaction), and so on. Generally, the UI feels rather volatile and jittery a lot.

    The Holdings tab for fleets in the Armada section of the Fleet window also has messed-up spacing now.
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