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Is the Scorpion Fighter from the promotions the same as the one that costs?

bloodyrizbloodyriz Member Posts: 1,756 Arc User
I know the question itself is not worded well, but space is limited there. So let me explain...

In the promotions tab of the C-Store I have the Scorpion fighter available. I do not recall the source I got the code for it from, but it is there. Also listed in the C-Store ships tab is the Scorpion fighter which has a cost of 500 zen. What I am trying to find out is, is there something different between these two ships that would justify my spending 500 zen for the second? A new console? Some great weapon? Or just a second admiralty card?

Thank you in advance for your answers.​​
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Best Answer

  • monkeybone13monkeybone13 Member Posts: 4,640 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    They are both exactly the same and you only get the admirality card once. Sorry for the late answer.


  • bluedrakebluedrake Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    One is a hanger pet for ships like the Scimitar that defends you. The other is a shuttle that you fly for special missions like the Vault.
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