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We need more Shuttle-specific gear

Despite the ever-increasing array of items available for our main starships, the only better-than-white-quality gear specifically meant for Shuttles (aside from the modules that come with the premium shuttles) is the Beam Array/Cannons from The Vault, which can only be received in your faction's themed energy type (Phaser for Feds, Disruptor for KDF, and Plasma for Roms). Furthermore, none of the Shuttle-specific equipment is upgradable, white-quality or otherwise. I think that we really need some more Shuttle-specific gear, even if we have to buy it with Dilithium and Reputation Marks, or fron our Fleet Stores, or craft them. Also, why can't we upgrade then, or at least the ones that have a specific Mark level instead of being level-scaling?


  • berginsbergins Member Posts: 3,448 Arc User
    Why not just use the regular gear you have for your other ships?
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  • lilchibiclarililchibiclari Member Posts: 1,193 Arc User
    The idea is to have things that are optimized specifically for small craft. For example, a Shuttle Impulse Engine could have enhancements made to synergize with a Shuttle's very high turn rate and lack of BOFF powers, such as a Defense (dodging enemy fire) boost or resistance to being trapped by gravity wells or similar enemy powers.
  • groomofweirdgroomofweird Member Posts: 1,045 Arc User
    There is a set of special shuttle impulse engines that come from one of the Cstore shuttles that escapes my memory right now.
    There are a couple of options of shuttle only gear available in game currently, but not many, and of course more is always good.
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  • themartianthemartian Member Posts: 242 Arc User
    I'd rather they worked on more shuttle specific content than on gear. A lot of existing gear works well on small craft anyway.
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  • bobbydazlersbobbydazlers Member Posts: 4,532 Arc User
    edited December 2015
    already have a full set of shuttle gear on my shuttles, this includes an Omni directional beam, torpedo, shield, deflector and impulse.
    they have a small shuttle image on the bottom right corner of the icon.

    see the page below for an example.


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  • berginsbergins Member Posts: 3,448 Arc User
    The Ferengi shuttle has a nice shield on it, IIRC.
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