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(Short Story) A New Start

mjarbarmjarbar Member Posts: 2,082 Arc User
I had an idea of writing a short story inspired by the start of S11, I was looking to see if it fit in with any of the current LC's but I didn't want to change it too much to make it fit - however I think it does allow me to use it as a spring board into LC16 which I hope to post to soon. This is only the third attempt at a I story I have dared to put out there so any criticism would be welcome as long as it is constructive. Three of the names may look familiar it is because I thought it might be a bit fun to breathe some life into the names we see in the DOff section of our crew when slotting various missions.

Many thanks.

Dramatis Personae
(Fleet) Admiral M'rrel - Caitian Female - Commanding USS Miyazaki (Icarus Pilot Escort)
Commander Kno - Caitian Male - XO to Admiral M'rrel and 2nd in command of the Miyazaki
Lieutenant Shellar Kurn - Andorian Male - Energy Weapons Officer and 3rd shift Senior Officer
Ensign Alisia Hettie Kozera - Human Female - Science Dept. Geologist and 3rd shift Science officer
Chief Sheila Rose Stanton - Human Female - Deflector Officer and 3rd shift Conn Officer

Captains Log Stardate 84572.4 (Oct 27. 2410)
U.S.S. Miyazaki, Admiral M’rrel recording.

“We have just left Deep Space Nine on route to the Breen Confederacy to start a patrol tour of the Alpha Quadrant that will take in Breen, Ferenginar, Tellar, Mizar, Tzenketh Defera, Arawath, Algira, back to Bajor, Cornin, Betazed, and finally the Chapel system.
The primary purpose of this patrol is the find out and assess the impact of the Iconian War on the systems listed, some were not heard from at all during the war and the others the news was spotty at best. To that end we are flying the flag and trying to sort out who needs what, where, and when!
Now that the war is over the task of Starfleet getting back to what it does best instead of being on a war footing is paramount. We forged some strong ties and alliances that brought a working peace to the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Republic alike. We must not let that slide and revert back to old grudges, we must also continue to forge new bonds with new civilisations like we have done in the Delta Quadrant.
On another note however, because of the war this will be the first time a lot of the crew will be working without the constant threat of battle. While none of us want to be in that situation – to see friends and colleagues injured or die – it does mean you are constantly on the knife edge of an adrenaline rush which the body over time gets used too. Will we be able to retain crew? Will a life of exploration be enough to replace the rush of survival of another battle?
On an administrative matter I have reinstated the three shift rotation from the four shift combat stance, however this doesn’t mean an easier time for the crew! While the war was on, my command crew was largely reassigned to other ships to replace losses on other ships after the near loss of the Toyama. My current crew – whilst capable - do have deficiencies due to the accelerated training program Starfleet had to introduce. With this in mind I have asked the ships counselor department to set up training programs for the department heads, who can then in turn train up the rest of the crew.
End log.”

“Tell me again why I signed up to Starfleet instead of the fellowship at the University of Cait?” M’rrel asked closing the comm line to the log.

“Well, as you have said on the numerous occasions we have had this conversation,” Kno said “you got caught up in the stories of your clan brother Fleet Admiral S’ttel, and I suspect you would have been bored as hell!”

“Don’t remind me, anyway with that - end of shift me thinks! Lieutenant Kurn, I hereby hand over the center seat to you for third shift,” M’rrel said, then adding in a mock stern voice “do not dent the paintwork!”

“I won’t Captain,” Kurn said with a nervous smile, “Ops start third shift, lighting to night pattern”

“Have you given anymore thought to commands offer on the Toyama, Captain?” Kno asked as he and M’rrel headed to the turbolift.

The Toyama was a Luna class science vessel M’rrel had commanded at the start of the war. After a battle had left the ship badly damaged she had been dry-docked at Cait for repair and refit, but this would have meant leaving a valuable trained crew out of action. So with a small engineering team overseeing the repairs the bulk of the crew had been reassigned to other ships. M’rrel and Kno had taken command of a new Icarus variant of a new class of pilot escorts with a largely new crew as well. Now with the refit and the war over M’rrel faced the dilemma of which ship to plant her flag on as an admiral.

“Not yet Kno, I like both ships, the Toyama is better suited to the exploration role and the Miyazaki has become home and the ships’ crew is starting to knit. If I up and go back to the Toyama I’d have to start over again. I can’t ask the old crew to drop everything and come back, for a lot of them, it would mean a drop in rank. It would also feel like I would be abandoning this crew and the hard work we have put in.
However the flip side of it all is that this ship isn’t designed for anything else from fighting a war. It doesn’t have the same resources as the Toyama or indeed that Nebula they keep trying to foist on me.”

“A lot of the old crew would be happy to re-join you, Admiral,” Kno said “in fact I get quite a few transfer requests each week to join us here, but as far as helping you decide…well I can’t really because I feel the same way…I don’t know…Perhaps taking the Nebula isn’t such a bad idea, its large enough to take both crews, and who knows, the main hanger may be large enough to dock this ship in!” Kno finished with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Trust you to give me a third option!” M’rrel said as they both exited the turbolift “Anyway I’m going to bed, so I’ll see you for alpha shift in the morning!”

“Night Admiral.” And with that Kno walked off to his own door further down the corridor.

* * *

“Status Chief Stanton” Lt. Kurn asked again, it was one of only a handful of times he had held the center seat and still felt nervous of doing something wrong.

The admiral had put the ship in his hands with the authority to do what was required in any circumstance, but he still had the feeling that to change anything the admiral had done would invite some sort of disaster down upon him.

Still he thought to himself ‘you could always end up piloting a shuttle between ESD and Luna!’

“Course three one zero mark ten at warp five, we are just starting to pass through the Badlands, Sir” Chief Stanton responded.

“SIR!” Ensign Kozera said at the science station “I’m picking up some sort of anomaly at zero two four mark zero, near to the middle of the Badlands, can’t see what yet though…” continuing to adjust settings on his panel.

Lt Kurn thought for a moment. “To see any sort of anomaly at this distance must mean it’s pretty big and pretty powerful…any luck yet…?”

“It is clearing up somewhat…looks like some sort of spatial distortion, no readings indicate a temporal aspect, but does share some similarities to the Bajorian wormhole sir.”

“How big is it?”

“Approximately two thousand kilometers and growing sir!”

“Any way of knowing where it leads, Ensign?”

“Not yet sir, perhaps if we change course and get closer, I may be able to get more data.

“Very well” Kurn pondered a bit more “...Helm, new course zero two four mark zero, take us no closer than one hundred thousand kilometers to the leading edge…and now if you excuse me, I have to go wake up an admiral!”

Perhaps – thought Kurn – that shuttle job won’t be so bad after all…

To Be Continued...
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