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Mission Item Reclaim

I apparently accidentally deleted the Fluidic Space Antiproton Beam from the Mindscape mission (I accidentally equip swapped a random rep gun with a double click, and then didnt notice when I dumped my inventory at the vendor) and this has happened to me before with some of the Vaadwuar ground weapons as well.

Unfortunately, those guns cannot be reclaimed by rerunning the missions. cryptic, can you please make them available on reruns?


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    ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,571 Arc User
    Yep, problem seen with the Paratrinic Shield. Once disposed of two of the three Factions can pick it back up on a rerun of the Episode but the third one doesn't have that option. I believe it may be the KDF that can't. That is a bug.

    Another problem was with the Vaadwaur Cluster Torpedo. When the Episode first came out the reward was a Mk XIII Rare. Subsequent reruns only provided Mk XII Rare. Problem was they later changed the first run reward to be a Mk XIII Very Rare, but those who originally ran the episode cannot get the VR version. I don't know if disposing of the Xlll Rare would reallow it. I don't want to test that out.

    Generally, if you don't have it anymore (since they are Bound to Character anyway), it should be allowed to be awarded again. If you have it then no.
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    davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 10,529 Arc User
    As long as the item has an "can only equip 1" trait there is no good reason not to let you re-acquire it even if you already do have it. That is, there's no need for Cryptic to do extra work to check your inventory, they can give you the second and you won't be able to equip it together with the first.
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