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Program error after clicking "engage" and game freeze after

possumlipspossumlips Member Posts: 107 Arc User
edited November 2015 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
After I put in my name and password and click "engage" I get this error on a small window on my windows 7 desktop....program error, unrecognized command, super Esc set username, super Esc takes 2 arguments, another SuperEsc and then two <string> with copy to clipboard and "OK" on the bottom. Clicking ok takes me to captains selection where the game starts okay at 1st, then games stops responding on warp drive use. Mostly outside of spacedock. Also on the featured episode "Sunrise", during a nebula exploration and fighting the tholians on the bridge of the other ship, after moving to the next phase of the game, or any transition to another map another "game not responding and I have to exit the game by hitting ctrl, alt, delete and go to my task manager to end game. I wonder if I just waited for several minutes if it would finally connect again?
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