Armada system useless without access to facilities

Please correct me if I have picked up the wrong information about the Armada system here (I don't fleet much so it's possible).

From what I have seen, Armada gives you armada-wide chat, and the ability to contribute to projects in other fleets in the armada. Which is virtually useless, although I can see how a few people could benefit fleet-mark wise from more projects. Of course that can be a problem as well.

What I find unacceptable is that by being in an armada, and contributing to their projects, I appear to have no access to 'armada' facilities. I can't warp to their locations, use their fleet mine, shop at their stores. I need a map invite from someone in the fleet I want to use, in which case I might just as well drop the armada and ask NoP Public Service.

Alternatively, if I am not in the 'top' fleet, I would again be better off just leaving any gamma or beta fleet and joining the top one, since I could contribute just as much as before but now don't need map invites.

Again, please update me if I have this wrong. Really can't see why we wouldn't have permissions on facilities that say 'Gamma fleet access = X, Beta fleet access = Y', at least on primary facilities (not bank access etc). You would still spend your own fleet's provisions but have access to the alpha fleets facilities.


  • ltminns
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    Some of them don't allow Armada members not directly attached to that Fleet to even contribute Marks to projects.
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  • yakodym
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    The way I understood it it's basically giving large fleets a place to dump their extra resources, and smaller fleets a way to build up their assets much faster. Plus the armada-wide bonuses based on the sum of the fleet-levels of all fleets in the armada. Nothing more, nothing less ;-)
  • vendood
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    My characters are in 3 different fleets, none of which use Armada. As yakodym said, it's just a way to have some large fleets dump resources for extra credit/projects.

    Also, one of my mates is in a 2-fleet armada, when he was buying ships at the Ship Requisition contact on ESD, the captain in the Alpha fleet got a (dil) discount on the ships, the captain in the Beta didn't. Not sure if that is WAI or if the difference is due to different facilities in the fleets, however 'armada wide discounts' didn't seem to be applying.

    If there was access to facilities/arrays/spires of the parent fleet, I would sign up for an armada. Otherwise it's not much use to me.