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Alien KDF character looking to expand RP

delerouxdeleroux Member Posts: 455 Arc User
So, I RP an alien on the KDF side in game. He's not officially an officer within the KDF, he's more of a privateer, merc, or contractor, if you will. As a very basic way of accomplishing this in a sensible way (I hope) ICly, I RP that he's been granted letters of marque, of sorts, with stipulations for contractual exclusivity (i.e. he can't moonlight for an opposing faction, lest his contract with the KDF be revoked, along with repossession of his ship), and an old Hegh'ta BoP with which he may be able to properly carry out tasks the KDF might require of him.

This is basically my way of making IC sense of a custom alien flying a BoP on the KDF side of things in game.

So, I guess what I'm looking for are others who might be interested in getting involved in something like this, either as members to form a small but diverse, tight-knit sort of crew of the ship (not a fleet); or as KDF liaison officer contacts that could be handlers of sorts--the "big brother" of the state kinda role, giving out new orders and assignments, keeping things in line; or even as other, similar KDF/alien types with their own ships my character might get teamed up with, or commanded by for joint tasks from time to time.

So far, this has all just been kinda background and backstory, as I just recently returned to the game. I'm still trying to meet new characters as much as possible (within reason) via random, freeform RP (usually relegated to Quark's for lack of alternatives--not sure how/where else to reliably meet new characters in game). But I'm excited to start getting some RP going with this, if there are others of a like-mind or with a similar interest.


  • gradiigradii Member Posts: 2,782 Arc User
    I have a KDF orion who's become a general in the KDF through her deeds in battle and achievements for the empire.. but if you want to go with a privateer concept that works too.

    Anyway that character of mine could use some more RP time. She's a steriotype defying fierce-in-battle clothes-wearing Orion mind you.
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  • ussjohnbrownussjohnbrown Member Posts: 159 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Id be interested if it wasnt just a pirate ship like setting. I have an ex maquis who worked with the kdf in the dominion war. She's more of a freedom fighter for causes then a plunderer and conqueror.
  • the0infamousthe0infamous Member Posts: 526 Arc User
    this still goin on?

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