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Harmonize "traffic control" for fleet holdings

warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 9,427 Arc User
With the introduction of the research lab, the starbase transporter room now has so many different buttons on the "low-priority interaction" panel that the last one went off the bottom of my screen. I had to raise the panel up, and now it overlaps uncomfortably with the mission objective readout. Which brings us to the topic, making all the holdings use the same "traffic control" layout.

The newer fleet holdings have a single "traffic control" button, available throughout both the interior and exterior maps, that opens a window with all the options. That works well. All the holdings should use the same system.

In the interest of reducing unnecessary loading screen delays, all the holdings should have full set of "inter-fleet shuttle" destinations. Right now, it looks like every holding has a different set for no apparent reason:
Starbase: everything
Embassy: starbase and spire
Dilitium mine: starbase and spire
Spire: everything except research lab
Reseach lab: starbase only

And on the same note, the dilithium mine does not have a direct transwarp destination. A player wishing to visit there needs to TW to another holding and shuttle from there for no good reason. Ironically, the mine with its extra dil refinement assignment is the most commonly-visited fleet holding in the game. Non-Romulans don't have a transwarp to the embassy, either.

Last, the spire traffic controller's option to exit to the adjacent map (sphere allied zone) regardless of where you first entered the fleet holding system would be very useful on the other holdings as well.


  • lionsilverlionsilver Member Posts: 49 Arc User
    Yea... :<
    This really needs to be looked at. Fleet maps have beautiful design.
    It's a shame ppl don't use them just because of this.
    Not sure why skill change, etc have to be lock in these map either...
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