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Mk XIV stats

All I want to know is the stats for different gears at Mk XIV so I know and determine for myself if it's worth it to go to that high. Is there a website, something about it like that because only stowiki.org only shows a little bit as in the Jem'Hadar set, that's great but i need to see the rest of them. So don't try and close this like you did my last post.


  • baudlbaudl Member Posts: 4,060 Arc User
    I think a MK level gives 15% higher stats from the previous MK level on everything, but on weapons it is where it counts most and where you feel the most impact.
    Not 100% sure though.
    Go pro or go home
  • postinggumpostinggum Member Posts: 1,117 Arc User
    In general:
    Weapons benefit well - take these to 14, superior beam upgrade now about 120k ec down from near 200k a few months ago( I know I was crafting them as fast as I could) - top upgrade priority

    Deflectors and cores are horrible upgrades unless you get a rarity boost, rarity boost is not going to be more than a 5% chance - lowest/zero upgrade priority

    Engines are barely better than deflectors and cores, but you do get a bit more speed - very low priority unless a toon is an experiment in speed and you have dil to burn

    Almost no set bonuses get better, Jemmy polaron damage being an exception - pre-upgrades the jemmy mk12 was a lobi store item so is a special case

    Secondary deflector bonus damage scales well - high priority for sci capt

    Consoles get a little better but are cheap to do, though some powers on universal consoles do not increase at all. The embassy plasma explosion ones scaled well, but they have gone through rounds of nerfing and redefining, so invest in one it could be anything a year later. Prioity varies depending on item and build.

    Shields mk 12-13 nah, go to mk 14 and its yay, 14 is about 20% better in cap and regeneration than 12. Expensive but good - After weapons and after selected consoles

    Ground gear pretty much like space, except kits which do not upgrade, upgrading good armour doesn't produce a big upgrade in resistance as diminishing returns set in. Want to play ground elites? If so upgrade your gun/sword and get the best kits items in budget

    Before the upgrade is applied you can see what the next rank up of the same rarity will look like, just read the tooltip

    Take the specialization point not the upgrade from featured episodes - unless you want to win the ST:O idiot of the year award
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