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Describe Your Characters Personality

lessley00lessley00 Member Posts: 1,200 Arc User
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This is always fun...

I base Riker off of Paragon MaleShep from Mass Effect (with a little Renegade mixed in).

V'Mar yerns to leave his desk job aboard the Dauntless and rejoin his crew aboard the Blackwater as he is able to do from time to time. As a General in the UFP Marine Corps he knows his job is an important one and often thinks of his family on Vulcan but never let's it get in the way of duty

Well for Laura... The clues in the name guys, come on keep up...

Thotok and his daughter Shanara are still in development when it comes to role playing

R'Tath is usually nice to people he likes and those that respect him. But he never likes taking TRIBBLE from anybody and can get angry or egotistical like you average Romulan.

Ta'eth tries to be a nice person but always gets all proud and all due to her posh childhood and career in the Tal'Shiar. So her people skills lack a bit.

Vranuk is still developing
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Captain Joseph Riker, U.S.S. Odyssey==General V'Mar, U.S.S. Blackwater-A==Admiral Laura Holmes, U.S.S. Forward Unto Dawn
Grand Master Thotok, son of Koloth, I.K.S. Sompek==Dahar Master Shanara, I.K.S. Balth'Quv

Admiral R'Tath V'Tirex, R.R.W. Dhael Glohha'enh==Commander Ta'eth Korval, R.R.W Hachae ch'Rhian==Admiral Vranuk, R.R.W Delevhas


  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 50,511 Arc User
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    Well... Krystal Jade (My main as seen in my sig) is kinda like me in a lot of ways.

    "Blaze the Cat" M'Ress... a touch or Pyro in her. Nothin' like a good Exothermic Induction Field. :D

    Fali Cas'ket: Maybe a bit seductive, but mostly serious.

    Saria Kiri: Casual, but determined in a fight.

    Roll and Ashe... gotta work on them.
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  • fatman592fatman592 Member Posts: 1,207 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    My main is a genocidal maniac bent on elevating the Federation to overlords of the galaxy. Why else would a science captain with a medical background join Starfleet these days? Do no harm? Bah, here is some exotic damage and Antiproton Beam Array Mk XIVs with the order to Fire at Will.

    On a personal note, my main gets very angry that he has to go on away missions... that's what my disposable First Officer is for. I'm supposed to stay on the ship sipping some nice flavored iced coffee, not getting swarmed by every epohh/face-hugger/humanoid-dinosaur/flailing worm/spoon- headed alien in the galaxy...

    Oh and his favorite color is blue.
  • lessley00lessley00 Member Posts: 1,200 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    fatman592 wrote: »

    Oh and his favorite color is blue.

    Dude I'm lmao rofl
    Captain Joseph Riker, U.S.S. Odyssey==General V'Mar, U.S.S. Blackwater-A==Admiral Laura Holmes, U.S.S. Forward Unto Dawn
    Grand Master Thotok, son of Koloth, I.K.S. Sompek==Dahar Master Shanara, I.K.S. Balth'Quv

    Admiral R'Tath V'Tirex, R.R.W. Dhael Glohha'enh==Commander Ta'eth Korval, R.R.W Hachae ch'Rhian==Admiral Vranuk, R.R.W Delevhas
  • artan42artan42 Member Posts: 10,383 Bug Hunter
    edited June 2015

    Leox- A Mirror universe version of Leo, he only joined the KDF because of their stance on the Undine, other than that he's identical personality wise.

    La'ax- She's the daughter of the Klingon council member who got vapourised by the Iconian in ST. She's also half Orion and in favour of alliances in general, oh and fun, killing Dinos in a giant park, the humour isn't lost on her.


    Obisek (no relation)- A Grumpy ex-miner with a fascination for Breen ships and tec, had he not joined Obisek's (no relation) rebellion then the RR, he most likely would have become a mercenary for the Breen.

    D'Mara- A ex RSE officer, used to be the secondary science officer on Taris's ship (under Hakeeve), she hates Toven, Epohhs, Nimbus, and D'Tan. She's hoping to, one day, replace D'Tan and reform the Republic into the Empire - with thunderous applause.


    Leo- A cross between a Vulcan and textbook personality wise. An unyieldingly smugly superior alien from the Sagittarius satellite galaxy, specifically the Last Empire. He fought in the Dominion war as part of a Federation task-force to assist the Romulans. He loves the Typhoon Class and despises Quinn for not giving him one.

    Shran (no relation)- Leo's former XO, she lied about her credentials as part of the Andorian Imperial Guard to transfer to Starfleet so was reassigned to Starfleet Academy to reapply the long way around. She has a shorter temper than a Klingon, so she simply TRIBBLE the Academy's computers to graduate herself after a week. She maintains a slightly bitter rivalry with Leo, one he seems completely unaware of.
    Norway and Yeager dammit... I still want my Typhoon and Jupiter though.
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    '...The Federation. Starfleet. We're not a military agency.' Scotty: Beyond
    'I'm not a soldier anymore. I'm an engineer.' Miles O'Brien: Empok Nor
    '...Starfleet could use you... It's a peacekeeping and humanitarian armada...' Admiral Pike: Star Trek

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  • hawku001xhawku001x Member Posts: 10,368 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Seifer is a good-natured, but strict Starfleet commanding officer who runs a tight ship with monthly sehlat racing competitions in its longest corridors. First beast to make it to the end in a six game championship series gets its owner to be Captain for a day, while Seifer, himself, gets self-promoted during the winner's commanding-run.

    Menchez is a hardened, honorable warrior of the Klingon Empire who once killed five intruding Ferasan officers boarding his ship-- except that they weren't intruders, but, in fact, visiting delegates which he thought were supposed to be called Kzinti. When the Bridge was suddenly hailed by their homeworld, he ordered his crew to hold the feline aliens up and pretend to be them.
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  • bluedarkybluedarky Member Posts: 548 Arc User
    C-Note is very hands on for an admiral, she prefers to be in the field with her away teams rather than sat aboard her ship and it shows. Outside of missions she's very interested in Federation history and is a member of a holodeck re-enactment group who re-enact famous battles from Federation history.

    Also recently she relucantly made the decision to transfer her command from the Oddessy Class U.S.S. Grace to the Manticore Class U.S.S. Rhoda, this makes this her first command since the Khitomer Incident that is not aboard a starship class which has had an Enterprise in it's ranks.
  • gulberatgulberat Member Posts: 5,505 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Alexei Ivanovich Strannik--Alyosha, to his friends--is the last thing you would expect from a Devidian, even one who was found at hatching as an infant on Earth, and knows nothing but human culture.

    Alyosha is a man of compassion, deep faith, generally even-tempered, and inquisitive. He commands an escort--albeit one with some extra science toys to suit his background--partly because he is the sort who can be trusted with that sort of firepower. He takes sustenance from an artificial energy generator; in fact, despite recognizing that humanoid neuroelectric energy will sustain him, he has an aversion to doing so that is quite similar to the Hindu aversion to eating beef. He sees it as murder, and a sin.

    Tayben Berat--I took him originally from Lois Tilton's novel Betrayal (I highly recommend it and it is available for purchase as an ebook). This universe's version of him shows him as a resilient man who is serious on duty but once in a while revealing a childlike sense of fun and enjoyment when it comes to things like food (he loves Earth's Southeast Asian food), and swimming. He even went to New Romulus on leave and did scientific investigations in the Atlai River--though he seemed to be half working and half just playing in the water.

    That said, Berat does still bear scars from the torture he endured at the hands of the old Union regime. To this day he has no planetside place of residence, maintaining only the possessions on his ship even though he came into his inheritance from far too many family members at once and is actually a wealthy man. He also does not believe in Cardassia's ability to be completely without a Federation presence in its territories until his people prove they can do away with the True Way long term...a "far left" political view by Cardassian standards, that along with his dual Starfleet and CDF commission makes him a prime target of the True Way. Though he has made a great deal of progress, that dark time in his life still haunts him in the quietest moments, usually just as he is starting to drift off to sleep.

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  • gradiigradii Member Posts: 2,811 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Elizabeth Angel Klein, or "Liza" was born on earth and had a serious knack for technological tinkering, which also ended up being a large why she joined Starfleet- and the reason why she almost blew her chance and got expelled in her first year.

    She cleaned up her act though, and graduated, moving on to command the starships USS Yggdrasil A, B, and C, the USS Niflheim, and most recently, the USS Ragnarok, advancing to the rank of Vice Admiral.

    She's the type not to be exacting about protocol with her junior officers, usually being Miss "At Ease" or "Speak freely", however is a capable commanding officer, with this only enhancing the effectiveness of most under her command.

    She also still loves to take things apart or "upgrade" them, but has learned to control the urge back in her Academy days faced with the threat of expulsion. Remember back when the replicators in the Starfleet Academy mess hall stopped replicating and started transporting people into the holodeck? She does, and she says she's sorry about that.

    this is pretty much most of what I have on the character as I have not found many chances to RP with her yet, and I'm still pretty uncomfortable with the setting till all the rust on my trek fu is gone.
    Another faction is more than likely to be destructive to the game rather than helping. this game doesn't even have 3 healthy factions, it has one healthy faction, one neglected faction, and one neglected HALF faction.

    For the love of tribble kebab, NO MORE FACTIONS until they can support what we ALREADY HAVE.

    Captain Klein of the U.S.S. Yggdrasil (Liza)
    Captain Eon of the U.S.S. Heinlein (Sylvi)
    Riov t'Velle, Commander of the R.R.W. Legend (Ryna)
  • tehbubbalootehbubbaloo Member Posts: 2,003 Arc User
    relentless, unyielding, and vindictive...
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Arc User
    I modeled Kanril Eleya in large part on a version of Paragon FemShep, with a certain amount of Kirk and Kira Nerys for flavor. She's definitely hot-blooded and can have a hair-trigger temper, but she also has a tender side for her friends and family, and cares deeply about her crew's well-being. She's also got a bit of a self-torturing side: she's afraid of not measuring up to her challenges and failing those who depend on her, and fights all the harder for it.
  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,803 Arc User
    I modelled my main on renegade male Shepard ME2 edition.
    He only respects people if they earn it with a mission philosophy that the mission comes first
      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
    • adamkafeiadamkafei Member Posts: 6,533 Arc User
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      Kayleigh is somewhat submissive which catches most other Betazoids by surprise but she is loyal and though shy is very friendly once she opens up. Where her friends are concerned she can come off a little motherly but se always means well.

      Lily is quick to anger and can probably think of more ways to kill someone than most Klingons can, she's also very knife happy. She's usually quite calculating but has a tendency to run on impulse in combat situations, especially where family is involved. Lily is also never afraid to speak her mind.

      As for Emma... She never really got much by way of development.
    • worffan101worffan101 Member Posts: 9,518 Arc User
      edited June 2015
      D'trel is slowly healing from a Trauma Conga Line of life. She's got an unfortunate tendency to blame herself for things, and a serious dose of raw hatred and anger for the universe that killed most of the people she's ever cared about. She and First Omek'ti'kallan are Platonic Life Partners, and do pretty much everything together. She always supports his quests for justice, and he's always there to support her when she's having trouble. A committed Unificationist, D'trel has no patience for Vulcan supremacists and Imperial loyalists. She also has negative patience for arrogant Iconians.

      First Omek'ti'kallan is a fundamentalist of a religion that holds that free will and freedom of and from religion is sacred. Literally the first commandment of his religion holds that all religious beliefs, including outright anti-theism, are equally valid. Omek believes that it is his sacred duty to protect the innocent, defend freedom, and serve justice. He also cares deeply for D'trel, and gets very, very scary when people hurt her.

      Rachel Connor is a soldier born and bred. She's surly, a bit sarcastic, and often suspicious, but she's a Mama Bear to her squad and is unafraid to sacrifice bits of herself to save people. She'll grow them back, anyway. She's got no dreams of advancement; being a security chief and commando is what she was born to do, she wouldn't know what to do with a full starship. Her only big problems are remembering that she needs four times the food now, keeping Ta'kat from blowing things up by accident, and being extra careful not to cut herself while shaving her legs because it was really embarrassing to go around the ship with chitinous armor for an entire day because her razor slipped.

      Sakoth, Mindhound Third-Class, Experimental Psionics Division (my Delta recruit), is incapable of expressing emotion normally. He prefixes 95% of his sentences with "Yeah.", always sounds vaguely bored, and lets his rag-tag crew and time-travelling future self walk all over him. Also, his telepathic abilities are severely reduced compared to those of a normal Lethean, a result of a set of experimental brain alterations that left him with telekinetic abilities and a supremely bad case of the Lethean equivalent of Tourette's Syndrome.

      Supreme High Lord Inevitably-Fated-for-Greatness is a jerk. He's an arrogant, self-centered, preposterously pretentious loser who watches cartoons instead of leading his fleets and sleeps in his daddy's basement. Convinced of his own perfection, SHLIFFG's preferred activities are watching cartoons, bragging about how great he is, and hearing his toadies fawn over his magnificence. Recently, however, he's beginning to learn basic common sense and tactics after getting a copy of "The Art of War" and being killed three or four times.

      Servitor 18754 is smart. He knows that if the Iconians lose, which they will given their abject idiocy, he, as a low-ranking Herald, is as good as dead. So his plan has two parts: Manage an Iconian to give him basic competence, and get that Iconian to become supreme leader so that 18754 can be the power behind the throne. SHLIFFG is the perfect rube; the Iconian equivalent of a basement-dwelling 30-year-old, he's easily controlled with a bit of flattery, and unlike most Iconians isn't pointlessly cruel for the hell of it. SHLIFFG has also shown a willingness to learn if properly managed, and best of all, he cannot die. For the completely self-interested 18754, this makes SHLIFFG the perfect tool. Train him, win the war with him, install him as supreme potentate, and if he gets stroppy about taking orders just open a black hole at his respawn point. Now the only problem is to stop the Alpha Quadrant Alliance from kicking SHLIFFG's butt.

      Non-STO characters, from "The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs", a Voyager AU/Fix Fic that starswordc and I are doing:

      Gul Aman Evek is a patriot. He's not fond of the Occupation Authority under Skrain Dukat, or of pointless cruelty in general, but he is a loyal Cardassian to the core. A veteran officer of the Cardassian Fourth Order (the Cardassian home guard), he is a firm but fair leader with a subtle sense of humor and a willingness to compromise for the benefit of Cardassia and his soldiers. Evek has a very low tolerance for incompetence and foolishness, especially in his own soldiers; he once banned an officer from replicating anything, even condiments, for months after the officer, a Cardassian, attempted to ask a Bajoran woman out on a date. Pragmatic and resourceful as well as tough and courageous, Evek has no use for racism, allowing a Romulan and a Trill to serve openly on Vetar, and has personally taken the fight to the local Kazon bandits and warlords on multiple occasions. A family man as well as a patriot, Evek loves his wife and surviving children deeply, and is quite upset at being separated from them by 70,000 light-years as a result of a dying Nacene searching for breeding stock. He will return. He will return to his wife, and his son in the Guard, and his daughters in the civil service, and the family estate on the homeworld, and he will return to his normal duties as a Fourth Order officer with pride. Even if it takes him a hundred years.

      Captain Veronica Stadi is out of her depth, and she knows it. She puts on a brave face for her crew, and both Gul Evek and Commander Tuvok assure her that she is a competent and decisive officer, but she's getting more and more stressed every day and she's very afraid that she's messing up. The Kazon thugs get closer to success with each attack, and they try their luck on Voyager and Vetar every week now. Discipline problems are rising, with Maquis work-release crewmen not following procedures, Starfleet and Maquis crew arguing and getting into fights, and the Cardassians attracting ire from the Maquis even when they don't deserve it. She never planned on this; before the Caretaker event, Stadi was just a helmswoman who'd just made senior Lieutenant and dreamed of nothing more than making LtC in a few years and maybe asking her old Academy roommate (a nurse in the Medical department, now CMO after the Caretaker) out when they got back to DS9. Now she's responsible for over a hundred men, women, and others on a medium cruiser decades from home, her only real allies are Cardassians, and everyone senior to her is dead. And she's seen into the mind of one of those Kazon; she knows what will happen to her and everyone else on the ship if they lose a fight. So the unusual allies can't lose. They can't. But Stadi fears that they will.

      Neelix is happy for the first time in a long while. He and Kes are safe, safe from the Kazon and the other pirates in the Delta Quadrant, on an advanced ship full of friendly people who don't care that he isn't an expert at anything because his limited knowledge of cooking, mining, and other civilian tasks is more than what most of them have. He's anxious to please, and works as hard as he can to be a productive member of the crew. They've been so good to him, after all, giving him and Kes a home with such lavish quarters, helping Kes through the aftermath of the trauma she experienced at the hands of the Kazon, defending them from what seems like every pirate in the quadrant, even giving him a set of cybernetic lungs and cloning him a new pair after the Vidiians stole his lungs; Starfleet and the Cardassians have been wonderful, and Neelix wants to make it worth their while. There have been some challenges along the way; his first attempt at macaroni was almost humorously overspiced, for example, although Lieutenant Kim certainly didn't mind, and his behavior was unacceptable when he let his temper get the better of him during the incident with Ma'Bor Jetrel, but the travelers from across the galaxy have forgiven him so easily. For a man who grew up in a filthy slum in an Orwellian dictatorship, this is paradise, and Neelix is going to do his level best to help keep it that way.
    • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,092 Arc User
      This might take a while... so to simply I'll do doff-style personality traits and not a full write-up for each.

      Melati Kusuma: congenial, cunning, unscrupulous

      Beltran: aggressive, cunning, unscrupulous

      Meghan Eridian: aggressive, congenial, resolve

      Chuft: aggressive, unscrupulous, unruly

      Tetin: cunning, honorable, tactful

      Drexela: logical, stubborn, unruly

      7 of 13: aggressive, logical, unscrupulous

      Monica Rappaccini: cunning, logical, unscrupulous

      Carnlan Rixx: congenial, cunning, tactful

      Sekkoth: congenial, cunning, logical

      Diaula: aggressive, cunning, honorable

      Emani: aggressive, eidetic memory, logical

      Soheth: congenial, honorable, tactful

      Slarg: aggressive, honorable, unruly

      Zdakek: cunning, honorable, stubborn

      Naxaia: congenial, cunning, tactful
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    • catstarstocatstarsto Member Posts: 2,149 Arc User
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      "It's not that I'm always prepared, because I'm not. It's not that I have the most advanced technology, because i don't. And it's sure as heck not, "Because I'm CatStar!" What I am is a symbol. An idea that anyone can be a hero. I don't give up. When I am beaten, I regroup and find another way. I am only mortal, but don't let that fool you ether. Prep time means nothing without the proper execution. Acts of heroism mean nothing if the motives aren't pure. I don't always win, but I will never EVER quit!" ~CatStar
    • antonine3258antonine3258 Member Posts: 2,376 Arc User
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      These are always fun to go through and reflect on, and read other people's analysis of their characters.

      D'ellian - Strives to live up to the Klingon ideas because the Orion ones seem like a dead-end to her. She tends to move carefully and without wasting energy, second-guessing her own motivations to some degree to make sure they're 'Klingon'. Also, somewhat resigned, despite her success - she's always going to be an outsider, but at least she's a respected one. Is somewhat of a schemer as a result, all races in the Empire play politics very openly. She's terse with most of her subordinates, or at least teasing. Manipulation, despite her efforts, is a natural go-to for her.

      Antonine - Young, bright, though some of the edges have been chipped off. She's always very friendly with her subordinates and informal off the bridge - most of them are technically older than her. On the bridge, it's regulation all the way - she's fully conscious of the awesome responsibility Quinn gave her, and is in somewhat in awe of herself - she doesn't want to mess this up for everyone else She's been a bit more introspective of late, though, since the minutia of squadron command is a bit more sedate than independent patrol. She loves to tinker in what remains of her free time, and does sort of regret missing the 'commune with the engines' stage of an ops career.

      An'riel - There are those who seek captaincy, and those who have it thrust upon them. An'riel is no-nonsense and mission oriented, keeping a more traditional maternal aspect to her crew. In her off-hours she's a bit more of a Romantic, philosophy and what the Republic will become is a very real concern to her, since the previous 'character' of the Empire was so toxic. Hobby wise she tends to swing between passions, and has a love of the dramatic; having requisitioned her current ship more or less for its irony value against the Iconians.
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