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Bug/Issue: Weapons with travel time not performing in high lag

illcadiaillcadia Member Posts: 1,412 Bug Hunter
edited June 2015 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
This currently affects all cannon and turret weapons, as well as torpedoes when they would be fired in high lag environments such as in the vicinity of Tier 6 Command ships generating Inspiration, certain new healing traits, and in the presence of large amounts of NPCs and other entities.

The issue in question is specifically that these weapons do not fire all on the same activation, as they do in low lag environments. Instead, they hiccup, and this results in only some of the weapons activating, while the others either gray out or go onto cooldown.

This may be related to the bug causing powers to go on a 2 second cooldown when someone attempts to activate them during high lag, which itself may be related to the 2 second multiple power activation lockout period the game has had since launch.

Testing has indicated that this only affects weapons with travel time that can miss and that have a firing cycle. It does not affect weapons or powers with travel time that cannot miss (such as feedback pulse or torpedo spread), or that override a firing cycle.

If I had to guess, I'd expect that the game is hiccuping on the math these weapons do upon firing to determine if they are a hit or a miss, and in high lag environments, this is resulting in the weapon just dropping the check and preventing the weapon from firing.

Even if you can't address this immediately, I hope that you can recognize this is an issue users are experiencing, and the fix may not be just to reduce lag, as there will always be high lag environments. Perhaps decoupling the weapon animation from the damage, and removing the travel time component and instituting a fixed delay might help- but I don't know, I don't have access to your code or internal test shards to say for certain.

For users responding to this post, please keep your comments civil, and straightforward. I want none of that ranty verbal diarrhea like the other topics on this issue have experienced. Report your experience, the conditions, and if necessary the character. Keep the slander and whining out of the thread please.
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  • t0ffik1#9170 t0ffik1 Member Posts: 134 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Actually it affects abilities that dont miss - via TS3 (example neutornic ts3)... it happens very often (specially when lags overall increase) that it lags out and doesnt fire, or that when you activate it to firing it goes on 2-3s cd.
    So im not shure if it is the real problem.

    The only things that arent affected are beam from what i know.
  • illcadiaillcadia Member Posts: 1,412 Bug Hunter
    edited June 2015
    maybe it's just neutronics, they have the extra radiation explosion visual and effect, that could eat into server cycles during high lag.

    I haven't noticed it at all using torpedo spread 3 with plasma emission torpedoes.
  • grnlbrtnfrntgrnlbrtnfrnt Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    I have noticed that the numbers flying off the mobs doesn't match what I see.

    I also "play by ear" a lot of the time, ie I use the sound effects for cues. In a pristine environment my cannons might sound like pewpewpewpewpew. For the past few months its been pew pewpew pew pew pewpew or some variation that is not the normal sequence. LOL if that makes any sense. I would take that as just "lag" but I have also noticed my damage is very inconsistent. Sometimes I might shread a particular mob while other times its nearly like Im not even shooting at them.

    Often times I don't even think I'm firing. I look at my tray and stuff is on cool down but I am not seeing or hearing cannon fire. Then suddenly there will be a quick burst and back to wondering if I am placated or lagging or what.

    I've thought for the longest time it was just me but now I keep seeing post after post about other people with similar issues.
  • baelogventurebaelogventure Member Posts: 1,002 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Huh? What?

    Something happening that's affecting everything but Beams negatively?

    WAI, move along.
  • t0ffik1#9170 t0ffik1 Member Posts: 134 Arc User
    bealogventure guess you were right... Cryptic devs moved along (like about everything that doesnt concern their non star trek sci magic partgen and beam sci boats - if they actually play even the game a i doubt it)
  • kittyflofykittyflofy Member Posts: 1,004 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    This is happening since a long time ago. But i guess it is not an important issue players seem to be ok with everything these days. Lag is now worst than ever, and it will keep getting worst. But we can always wait for hotfixes of 2 days lol..
    Since nowadays this game is Beams online, i dont think that cryptic (sadly) cares much about this lol. I hope im wrong but this game breaking problem is going on for weeks now and no sign of fix.
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