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client crash/head missing

loverofwarsloverofwars Member Posts: 399 Arc User
edited April 2015 in Graphical and Sound Issues
two problems

april 22 continuation of april 21st nvidia geforce 9200 ge same driver same graphics nothing has changed before season 10 or after season 10 besides season 10

problem, log on character select choose character log in get in about 1 second later crash on all 5/7 sometimes my ticket id is 25664664 others it just goes to unknown on the crash reporter and then closes

the two who didnt crash one i took to a system map esd orbit and crashes the client everytime i attempt to log on them the second is in sector space can fully move around the map no problems besides this...


from looking at character select of everyone this happens to caitian/ferasan while the romulan and trill are fine also only to male caitian while female caitian are perfect with the head screwed on as they should be, on the ones with the head missing the eyes ears mouth and whiskers all show but the rest of the "skull" doesnt

a strange thing with the crashing some of the characters are in space beta quadrant the new space map they crash but the only character who can still access can happily fly all around the exact areas the others crash at almost instantly i'm not really sure what is the difference between them all, but shouldnt they be able to log on as well? i've been able to but only for a second even though exact same spot as the one who doesnt crash(i went and matched position may slightly be off but close)

and yes ive done all the pointless force verify safe mode even ran an anti virus scan outta boredom from being unable to play
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