Random CTD is back

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Not as frequent as it was a few weeks ago, but it back by the looks of things.
Last night, game ctd when i was exiting game, didnt bother me, as i was exiting the game.
Just now, it ctd when i was coming back from the browser to the game, when it ctd. I always play in full screen and normally dont have issues, unless i use the minimize screen in upper right corner, whenever i do that, chances are it will crash on me. So, if i want to go to desktop while game is running, instead of doing above or pressing the windows key on keyboard, i go into the game options and select windowed mode under display, when i come back, i select full screen.

Earlier today, not long after logging in, game ctd on me mid mission. Wasnt a lot going on onscreen tho.

Anyone else having random ctd's at the moment?
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