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Mission: A Past Forgotten

zionus0zionus0 Member Posts: 395 Arc User
I have recently redone my first mission - and am now proud to present it on the forums:A Past Forgotten, and am wondering what the community might think of the story. This is the start of a five part saga I am now calling the "Dark Legacies" series.

This mission was originally inspired by a thought I'd had: Why is it that the player character is able to accomplish so much more than any other individual in the game? When you think about it all of the other players don't exist from the story's perspective. I took these thoughts to think of an answer and ran with it. The results in my opinion are quite pleasing.

I have hopefully fixed all unintentional spelling and grammatical errors, rebalanced the combats, and altered the final few maps to be more lively.

I am designing this series to be compatible for both Starfleet and Romulan Republic characters.

A Past Forgotten (Description): An ancient terror waits in the darkness of space, long ago passing into legends and myth... Now when your allies call for aid, you will discover that darkest of secrets, are not meant to be lost. From the shadows a new; yet familiar foe has set their schemes into motion; searching for a power they believe would make them invincible. This is a threat none had foreseen; but if you can't see past the web too the truth, something far worse than any war looms over the horizon.
Authour: Gromio
Level: 50+
Faction: Starfleet or Romulan Republic
Estimated length: 60 minutes

The second mission "Shattering Ones Mirror" is up as well and should be fully repaired. I have also found a way to fix the Terran Battleships that were not showing up by replacing them with rouge Federation ones and the mission is now working again.

I have taken the third mission down as I am rewriting the first half of it. It didn't turn out the way I wanted.

The fourth and fifth missions are in various states of progress but the script may be finished for the finale first.
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