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Delta Alliance Fine Rep Mission - No Ancient Power Cells Awarded

tigerariestigeraries Member Posts: 3,484 Arc User
edited February 2015 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
The Omega and Dyson Reps awards you with rep drops once you finish the last T5 Rep mission.

The only ones that dont are as far as I know are New Romulus and Nukura since they do not require any rep drops for gear.

I have not finished 8472 yet...

Is this an over-site?

Or is this working as intended?
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  • ddesjardinsddesjardins Member Posts: 3,056 Media Corps
    edited February 2015
    Known glitch. Open a new assignment generally triggers it.
  • decroniadecronia Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    8472 does award you with thier "premium" items. only DR rep doesn't give any ancient powercells. on completion of the the t5 rep project. It's been like this since the start I think it is injtentional to make you do the content that gives them.
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