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Power tray issue

bluejaye1bluejaye1 Member Posts: 77 Arc User
edited February 2015 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I have created this new thread because so far, I haven't spotted a thread that quite matches what's happening to me now.

The entire power tray goes gray for a second, then goes back to normal.

This is happening all of the time. In combat, out of combat, when I have a target, when I don't have a target. It is even happening when rearranging the power tray or just flying through space.

I have kept an eye on things when this is happening and there are no debuffs.

As everyone can imagine, this is seriously messing around with all space combat and ability timing.
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  • jam3s1701jam3s1701 Member Posts: 1,825 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    This has been happening to me since Thursday.

    Firstly I thought this was a side effect of the neutro torp but it's not i changed my loadout to see and it's still happening along with the long ui lag.

    It is making combat rather tiresome when trying to pop a heal or buff etc.
  • lordcuttersladelordcutterslade Member Posts: 116 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    A fleetie and I had exactly the same issue when leveling a new ship for the shiptrait (Samsar) in ****** Argala.

    After that i switched characters and did an Infected run. Zero issues.
    So i don't know, is it some new "feature"? lol

    It was almost unplayable. The tray kept going grey for half a second every 1-2 secs.
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