Is there a workaround for the BOffs missing their Skills listing?

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Pretty much the entire horde of BOffs I had (either in my Candidates list or inventory) had their Skill listings disappeared when the 'new improved' BOff training system was put in.

Most of these had been acquired because they had skills like B03, TS3, TBR3 etc that I expected to either trade or use to train other BOffs.

I can't find any way to get their skills list back: eg, post on exchange and remove, mail them to myself, etc.

I am told that if I commission them I should be able to see their skill again, but of course that is completely useless for training, manual creation, trading etc.

Has anyone found a way to get these skills listed again?
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  • kermani
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    Could be because they released the system half finished. We just gotta wait.
  • forcemajeure
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    Hmm, I should have been more clear I guess:

    I would like to restore the skills listings to my (literally) dozens of boffs who had them wiped out by the 'new' system... not re-acquire manuals to train them in skills they already have but I just can't see.

    I mean, if a captain has 9 BOffs in his candidate list, and I know some of them had TS3, and one had BO3, and one had TBR3... I have no idea who to commission if I want one of those skills. (Their 4 traits are visible but ALL skills are hidden/not displayed)

    If there is no workaround or fix for these, then essentially Cryptic is saying "You may have paid EC or run many 'Evaluate Officer' missions to acquire these Bridge Officers. But with our NEW IMPROVED BOff system, you simpy throw all those old BOffs away and spend EC, time and Dil acquiring new ones!"

    Because that's progress.
  • markhawkman
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    right click- manual- then it shows a list of skills.
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  • forcemajeure
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    TY Markhawkman, that is a useful tip.

    I see how that will help with expending officers to train my own people (or create manuals for sale I guess). It doesn't seem to work with listing BOffs on the exchange or show skills for BOffs that are already on the exchange, so still an issue there.