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Thoughts on Winter event 2015

illustriousqillustriousq Member Posts: 37 Arc User
I think it's safe to say that this year's winter event has been a huge success. There's fun repeatable content going every couple of minutes in the zone that before you know it 3 hours have gone by and you've racked in more holiday decorations than you know what to do with.

That said, while playing through the event I thought of a couple of items that might be improvements to the event for next year.

1) Consider adding in a Snowball Fight PvP zone. We have a ton of winter themed weapons here, everyone is on the same playing field thanks to the restrictions placed on us by Q with limiting the abilities. Make it so that the player freezes instead of dying, and then unfreezes after a set amount of time, and you're good.

If the weapons seem too much, just limit the battle to snowballs and let the players have a good old fashioned snowball fight. :)

2) Consider adding in an ice palace to the map. I would have said castle, but Q is running the show, and he would scoff at the idea of not showering himself full of elegance. Though, the palace could be overrun with those nasty assimilated snowmen.

Or it could be the snowball PVP zone.

3) Consider adding faction specific (meaning the look of each set should look like it's from the faction of the player) cold gear ground sets.

For instance, Starfleet could have this: their Starfleet Cold Weather Suit. Add in a specific federation phaser weapon, a really good defense against cold/polaron ground weapon types (that would be great against the breen), and a nice set bonus and you're done.

Copy/paste the stats and set bonus but make the gear look and feel like it belongs to the romulans and klingons and you have a winner for the new prize.

At this point it's not hard to guess that the next year's ship is going to be the Rezreth Destroyer. we've been steadily moving right up the Breen NPC ships in game. So it might not be a bad thing to add in something new and different for the event.

Anyways, thoughts from everyone else?
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  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,813 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    I'm surprised the fighter has not been a reward yet
      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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