Why are my Space DOFFs getting reset?

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Since DR came out I noticed just about every time I change maps my active space doffs have to be reassigned. Is this a know glitch? It's getting ridiculous.
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  • khan5000
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    I noticed this too...then I noticed my ship build was unselected. So get you buil the way you want it then save it. When you doffs become reset go to the ship page and select your saved build. Everything should be right then.
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  • kodachikuno
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    the work around for resetting trays, also seems to work to get space doffs to save.
    in sector space, switch ships, then switch back adjust your loadout/doffs and save. Sometimes moving a piece of equipment off your ship before switching vessels also helps, or swapping the location of a couple consoles so the game thinks the loadout is different
  • deaftravis05
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    it is quite rather driving me mad
  • kostamojenx
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    Try changing ships then changing back. Worked for me.
  • centaurianalpha
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    Try changing ships then changing back. Worked for me.

    This seems to be holding for my Fed main, as well. Oddly, I have no issues with my other 3 alts (KDF main & 2 Rommies, one alliance each). I was having the Space Roster clear every time I changed maps, including PUG's, which is a potential for AFK-hate whilst resetting the slots... :(
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