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NPC's in walls and Rep rewards

sistericsisteric Member Posts: 768 Arc User
edited April 2014 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I have run into two bugs.

First one is that NPC Undine are entering in the walls of the enviroment on ground. Even though I can "target" the unit in the wall, I can't fire at it or use abilities. And any helper NPC's eithewr hang near it or go into the wall after it. SO I can never draw it out of the wall. Eventually I just beam out, and usually if I beam back in it corrects. But there has been some cases where even that has not worked. Last night, Surface Tension's ESD portion one of the UNdine went in the wall, a NPC Tactical officer followed him the wall. And this is what the point where I have met Admiral Quinn but E'ggan has not revieled himself yet. I beamed out and when I went to beam it, it jumped me to the space battle over Qo'nos. So I didn't get to fight E'ggan. This wall clipping has also occured with the fully assimulated Undine, but because I can control my BOff's, I was able to draw him out of the wall. I think the walls need to be solid to the NPC's. They are certainly solid to me.

THe other issue is that the hourly missions report that they are giving rep points. I do maybe one hourly a night so I know that the number of hourlies in a 20 hour time frame is not the issue. SO I need to make sure that my marks are gaining me rep points.

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