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Name Change Tokens still work?

supergaminggeeksupergaminggeek Member Posts: 615 Arc User
I don't like my character's name. Used to be cool, but as time passed, it grew very stale and I don't even know why I chose it.
That being said, this guy is my primary character (maxxed everything, mind you), and his name could use a little sprucing. Many sources tell me that the name change tokens are bugged and won't take effect. Have you guys been affected by this bug, or not?
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  • doffingcomradedoffingcomrade Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited April 2014
    They are still bugged, at last check: The records will not fully update and memories of your old name will be retained, rendering them useless. As such, despite having wasted 500 Z, you will still be jarringly reminded of your old name.
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