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Weapon-side-animation-nodes = a new way to implement weapons

projectfrontierprojectfrontier Member Posts: 0 Arc User
Co-drafted #something from a while ago. Bringing it up now thanks to the kit revamp.

When port/starboard weapons animation nodes are released a new utopia of gameplay is possible.

A utopia where the fore/aft weapon slots can be merged into a single tray and that tray is attached to "logic" which looks at the weapon slotted and tells the player which sides of the ship the weapon will fire from while controlling those weapons as they fire. And development cost-wise Cryptic will get to recycle much of what is already in use from parts of the UI to logic within the current fire control systems.

What this will allow for are hypothetical "broadside ships", more use out of all weapons types (single beams/cannons and dual beams will have greater potential for use on all ships, dual (and dual heavy) cannons will have greater potential use on ships that Cryptic points those nodes on multiple sides of. Players will even have more reason to slot torpedoes as one weapon will fire from either end of a ship.

TL;DR - "port/starboard animation nodes for weapons provide a boon of opportunity for Cryptic to improve the weapon meta-game. Even for torpedoes. All it requires is for Cryptic to update the UI for the players and tell the controller logic that ships under this template use weapon type [A] on facings ."

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  • mewmaster101mewmaster101 Member Posts: 1,239 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    DHC are already incredibly powerful, they do not need any buffs, torps will still have little use in the long run since your idea has no effect on damage. All this idea does is help escorts/warbirds/etx that are already powerful and buff them to incredible heights with the ability to hit even more than just one certain angle to get all damage.

    Then there is the fact the animation part might not even be possible within the game engine, but that should be fairly obvious.
  • rarebear1rarebear1 Member Posts: 118 Arc User
    edited May 2014
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