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how to greatly enhance the leveraging of hangars or "space-ships as away teams"

projectfrontierprojectfrontier Member Posts: 0 Arc User
Mentioned in the threads on how to enhance the utility of separation mechanics, this topic is on leveraging hangars.

What is a hangar? A item slot that provides a bunch of little Ai-controlled ships.

What can it (currently) be used for? Ai-controlled ships, of any kind.

How can we leverage it? Sort of like this.

How does it work? Ships are objects, or "ship objects". Hangar ships are "ship objects" as well. The only fundamental difference, for players, is that ships are controlled directly and hangar ships are less limited versions of the AI controlled fleet support/photonic fleet game-elements.

What does it provide? Simply put - an "Away team" of space ships.

What does it do for the game? You have run ground content, right?

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