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The Phaser Lance, "how already available assets can make it a 'real-boy'"

projectfrontierprojectfrontier Member Posts: 0 Arc User
edited March 2014 in Federation Discussion
I co-drafted this idea back when the Andorian Escort was introduced and given what has been occurring figured that, as my co-author does not post on the forums anymore, this fairly straightforward (and cheap) improvement to player satisfaction/experience was worth mentioning again.

In the Ultimate TL;DR format:
A slightly modified (VFX/power & ship association) Kumari-Phaser-Wing-Cannons is a proper asset for a "legitimate" in-game representation of the "Phaser Lance" in a "weapon-item" format. An engineer's proof-of-concept may only require the time equivalent to a coffee break (and possibly as much deploying it) to validate the argument.

This solution to the "phaser lance wants to be a real item-boy" problem provides a simple update that does not involve reinventing any wheels or breaking the game. Instead it enhances the user-experience for all parties by correlating appropriate visuals with appropriate feedback in line with the ten-or-so seconds the weapon actually cycled on screen ("STTNG "All Good Things..."; footage which, contrary to the declarations of "it's a God Gun", is the VFX equivalent to a combat log entry of "(currently) Plot Immune Hero-ship 'Enterprise' successfully hits 'Generic Klingon Opponent-ship' with 'Artistic License (i.e. time+budget constrained) VFX Shot Eye-Candy' Attack for 'Plot-Progression' damage, onto the next plot point!")


post "+1" if you support the idea above; OR
post an alternative solution that achieves the indicated objective purpose.

Leave all Pro/Anti-Cryptic propaganda/commentaries outside.
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