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Galaxy "Bundle" Update on Tribble - have reviewed content. Find it odd.

projectfrontierprojectfrontier Member Posts: 0 Arc User
The "Reboot-Bundle" is on Tribble now. It matches the announcement precisely. Also, the FLEET dreadnought is posted - it is identical save for the +0.1 shield modifier, +4000 hull, and the addition of a tactical console PLUS the change of one science console to tactical.

Also, Tactical, Engineering, and Science teams are not starting a cooldown when used. This may or may not be a bug.

The "Dreadnought" is 2500 zen (no modules).

The "Fleet Dreadnought" is 2500 zen (5 modules).

Both have the phaser lance and the latter has superior stats. Given the costs of the bundle, the fact that you do not need it to get saucer separation or a cloak, and the aforementioned superiority of the "fleet" version (which many arbitrary proponents of "Fleet" ships have pointed out can be obtained for EC) - how is the "Dreadnought-reboot" being obsolete and superfluous before it is even deployed demonstrative of a sound-business decision?

I am considering the long-term here and emphasizing that "Fleet" is where a lot of emphasis is clearly being placed instead of significant, quality content. How far does Cryptic plan on having "FLEET IZ SEW GUD" carry this game?

I find this odd as they had a prime opportunity to show off what they have been implementing and they face-rolled it a bit.
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