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Re: Galaxy and Gal Dreadnought Announcement and updates

projectfrontierprojectfrontier Member Posts: 0 Arc User
edited February 2014 in Federation Discussion
I shall break down the annoucement (posted here and announced as posted here):

(1) CaptainSmirk has some "interesting ideas" about STO's place in the history of MMOs. (EDIT: anyone who reads the record can tell Rivera's name is at the bottom - that's part of the joke of this specific point and if you cannot see it that's your problem, nobody is obligated to make you laugh)

(2) "Note: The Turn Rate set bonus on the Odyssey and Bortasqu’ was increased from 0.5 to 1." though it's not clear just yet why this is in the announcement at all.

(3) The Dreadnought, the Exploration Retrofit, and the Exploration Refit are going to be in a bundle, which also comes with a Galaxy Bridge (though Smirk failed to clarify if this is unique or the bridge pack); Own any of these craft and you're out of luck, which makes the bridge a potentially volatile situation.

(4) Saucer Separation was replaced [with the Odyssey's verion] AND will be available for use on the Dreadnought.

(5) Saucer Separation + Antimatter Spread == 2-piece set bonus like the Romulans get.


(6) The current Fed Gal Dreadnought was "[brought in line with other dreadnoughts]" by:

(6)(a) adding a hangar; +++

(6)(b) changing the actually useful tactical-ensign into a universal-ensign (allowing for you to use the ship in the current Assault Cruiser mode, or Star Cruiser mode, or "Slit your wrists you have 3 ensigns" mode); ---

and *drumroll*

(6)(c) locking the actual ship being promised per the claim behind a Tier-4 fleet-store paywall. Yeah that's right - Spaceball One went plaid.


(7) The Dreadnought's lance now has "wide beam" while "separated" - which means they may have left that god awful weapon as a toggle ability instead of "Dysoning" it up with a permanent, ACTUAL, weapon.

Questions, comments, rabid support for bad business decisions, please enjoy the posts.
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