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Thoughts on ship swap mechanic

jaturnleyjaturnley Member Posts: 1,213 Arc User
edited January 2014 in Tribble - Bug Reports
OK, so I finally had some spare time to spend specifically on testing the swap mechanic. My thoughts:

1. The equipment slotting works, MOSTLY. I had no issues with equipment not coming into the locations where I saved it, and swapping ships would allow me to pick a specific loadout. I had several instances where I would call back a ship and it would not call back the last loadout I had on it; I would have to go to the list and tell it which loadout I wanted. From what I could tell, it would warp in missing any equipment that was present on the ship that just warped out.

2. Saving bridge officers was really hit and miss. It seemed like some of the BOFFs were "stuck"; I would change them out, re-save the ship loadout, and the next time I would call that ship, they would be back the way they were before the save.

3. The UI tray is a complete mess. On live, it's messy, but as long as you make sure that everything is in the same slot as it was before when you go to your ship, things will stay in the same place. That is NOT what I am seeing on Tribble. It keeps wanting to pull absolutely everything out of the powers tray and put them on the action bars, for one thing, often in places where you have already put things. I don't EVER have abandon ship on my trays - I wish I could just remove that power from all of my characters. The new system not only puts it on the tray, but it seems to randomly put it in place of another power so I am sure that I am going to hit it when I mean to hit something else. It also seems to randomly move some items you have placed, and leave blank holes. At that point, it's almost faster to just remove everything and start over than to figure out what is missing.

4. You can't pull anything off the active ship; you need to make the ship you are working on the active one in order to get the items off the original active one. I don't see why the active ship should be immune from being scavenged, and this problem probably has something to do with the issues mentioned in #1 above.

The end result is that the system is unusable right now. Until the user trays work the way they are supposed to, any time gained by quickly swapping ships is completely wasted because you need to spend 20 minutes fixing the tray. All other issues aside, this is a showstopper. My firm opinion is that this CANNOT go live until the power tray loadouts are tied into the saved build the same as everything else. Until that happens, the swap system does more harm than good.
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  • madblooddollmadblooddoll Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited January 2014
    They really need to hire some pros (the kids making mods for games on steam,as they do things better). The tray issue is a real problem.
  • entnx01entnx01 Member Posts: 538 Arc User
    edited January 2014
    I can work with this...for now.

    To be 100% useful to me (flying more than 2 ships per toon), it needs to save the Power Trays.

    To get me to try 1 additional ship per toon, it'll work in its current state. It's a great timesaver and worth developing further (as much as is technologically possible).

    "Beta" form: B+. Not everything will be perfect, and they are working on things as they come across them. It's useful for switching between 2 ships.

    "Final" Form: D+. Still very rough, and to be worth putting time and energy into setups it needs things they've already said they're working on.
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