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Launcher "Loading. Please Wait." Problem and temporary work around.

trv13trv13 Member Posts: 29 Arc User
Upon opening the game from Steam or from "Star Trek Online.exe" the launcher is stuck on "Loading. Please Wait." forever.

If I load the game from "GameClient.exe". The game loads, but upon attempting to login I am stuck on "Connecting to the account server...", then it eventually gets kicked back to the login screen with the red text "Connection to the account server timed out. Press the support button for additional help."

Download the latest "Star Trek Online.exe" from the sticked thread "Get Latest Sto Launcher Here!"

I keep one copy of the exe in my download folder. Make an extra copy and replace "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\star trek online\Star Trek Online.exe". Now run it, it will pop up a little window "Cryptic Launcher Autoupdate" and download what it needs. When it finishes it will open a working Launcher, and it will get you into the game just fine.

However the problem is, when you quit the game, the launcher has the exact same problem. So to get back into the game, I need to make another copy of the downloaded "Star Trek Online.exe" and replace again. At least this temporarily solves the problem so we can play.

I hope this helps people.
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