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Lost connection during CE means no reward

sistericsisteric Member Posts: 768 Arc User
edited October 2013 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I have lost connection to your servers while doing the CE mission on three seperate occasions between 2 characters. In all three cases, I immediately re-log back in and appear back on the map to find the CE destroyed. Not surprising since in all three cases the CE had less than 5% of it's health left. But in all three cases it gave me no reward, marked me as having completed the mission and would not give me the reward on subsequents on that mission in the same day. This means that I now have 1 character that has lost 2 shards, and 1 character has lost 1 shard due to no fault on my own.
The server disconnects only occur with STO to date. I have not suffered such server disconnects on Neverwinter or WoW. I also know that in one of the occasions I was streaming music from the cloud storage of mine and did not experience a hiccup in the music playback.
I have tried submitting tickets but they seem to dissappear, so I am putting this problem here. I do not want to loose out on these 2 characters getting the end reward because of these events.
Can you get my two characters cought up in rewards equal to the others, i.e. give me the rewards that I lost? And can you guys enact some better method for players that loose connections to still get the rewards?
This disconnect occured one other time on an Omega marks mission, and your response was to tell just to run the mission again. Generally that is not an option for me as I have limited time to play. And events like this sap me of the will to try it again. And responses of (paraphrased) 'sucks to be you, try again' do not show concern towards your customers. And lowers the faith that creating a ticket is worth the effort to make in the first place.

Please let me know that you can do something for me.

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  • vfpfyasko1vfpfyasko1 Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited October 2013
    Ive disconnected 6times in the last hour, ive stopped doing missions with Dil, to Marks because of it.
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