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PvP Full Healer Scientist: what ship?

leoll2leoll2 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
edited December 2012 in Klingon Discussion
I'm going to create a full healer KDF scientist toon for PvP.
So, the question is: What ship is better?
I can afford Korath (Temporal Science Ship), Tholian Recluse and all Z-Store ships, so no problem about money.
If you also have advices/builds, post them please.
Thank you very much!!!
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  • borgresearcherborgresearcher Member Posts: 451 Arc User
    edited December 2012
    tholian recluse carrier
  • oldkhemaraaoldkhemaraa Member Posts: 1,039 Arc User
    edited December 2012
    SPace healing is typically the perview of the Engineer in space combat.. Science types do ground combat healing. If your going to use a sci for space pvP healing then your goinf to want multiple doffs with sci team, and likely extend shields. Eng boffs, with eng team etc.

    Consider the big KDF carrier packing repair drones (which you can get with your free token) get the better shield and hull droves through your fleet, and set up a solid refence for yourself.. you'll want emergency to Aux, and shield. just load your tac boff with tac team, and either cannon scatter volley or cannon rapid fire and load up on the best turrets you can lay your hands on.. dont even bother with beams.. if your making a heal boat you putting your ships capabilities elsewhere and you simply will not be able to do much more then see that the ship has minimal defences, Your ship is going to attact a lot of attention, so make sure your team knows that you have minimal offensive capability. but The Big Vo'qov may be your best bet just because of its capacitys, and overall toughness... other carrirs may give you a spread of BOFF abilities. make your own judgement on which one fits your play style..
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