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  • That would help a lot thanks, I know lots of people just wanna redeem their tokens including me. Also I dont understand why the npc cant remain without the event quest, because it was here for a long time before the event started, that would solve alot of issues.
  • The official announcement doesn’t address/explain anything about the people who were affected in-game. So ummm….?????
  • Another example of PWI not giving a beep.. why people still feed this company is beyond me.
  • I understand but look at this way, there will be tons of squads out there for any barbs to join. If you look at DH you dont really need a barb, but I dont see anyone rejecting one, besides barbs enable the whole squad to do more damge so personally I dont see a problem there.
  • Its nice to see people talking about this and adding their ideas, you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work and hopefully it will happen ;)
  • Thanks for the info hope you can do it soon :)
  • Gear: ★★ Ceremonial bow ★★ Bursting Spirit +3 (G17 Bow) ★ Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat +7 (Phycal Attack +100 Engraving and Sapphire Gem x3) ★ Awakened Demon Obscure Robe +7 (Hp +150 Engraving and Sapphire Gem x4) ★ Awakened Ashura's Boots +3 (HP +40 Shard x3) ★★ Shadow Ashura Bracers +3 (HP +40 Shard x3) ★★ Shadow Ashura…
  • R8 Demonhunter Bow +5 (With Magic Shards) R8 Demonhunter Armor +3 (With Hp Shards) Awakened Ashura's Boots +3 (Bound with Hp shards) Shadow Ashura Bracers +3 (Bound with Hp shards) Shadow Ashura Greaves +4 (Bound with Hp shards) Lionheart Necklace +4 (Bound with +10 Vitality Engraving) Lionheart Belt +4 (Bound) Guard of…
  • Just thought I should join in. Awakened Ashura's Boots +3 (Bound with Hp shards) Shadow Ashura Bracers +3 (Bound with Hp shards) Shadow Ashura Greaves +4 (Bound with Hp shards) Lionheart Necklace +4 (Bound with +10 Vitality Engraving) Lionheart Belt +4 (Bound) Anniversary Mount Egg lv.11 Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg Lv.1…
  • Thanks PWI for showing your amazing support for the archer community with these awesome new skills #PWIcares lol
  • Mobless = Boobless.. ok? got it? good lol :smiley: No for real I am enjoying it all, I dont mind the differences. In time we will sync Welcome to all the HT/New players.
  • I thought it was just me, hopefully everyone will get something :)
  • Yes its low fps thats what I meant, its understandable that ill get low fps with all the effects going on from different people. Not fully sure if its true or not, I looked at some posts in technical section apprently PWI only uses only 1 core and not GPU based so having a powerful system wont do much. I mean my system is…
  • Thanks for the info and PWI could prevent a fac from taking other facs base within 20/30min easily. Also its about time they updated the map, its far too old. If they give us somehting new it will be more fun and more interesting.
  • Exactly :) and no one is saying we are not thankful for the free things but they should give things as promised, because then we can decide if we want to log in or not, some people actually have a life lol. Also if people are complaining their/my complaints are just not unnecessary. If this was one off then ok I would…
  • They do this all the time and as you can see from the above post they do this on all their games. Free or not that is not the issue because people took time to log into their toons hoping they will get what was promised. They need to be accountable for this. The fact that they are ignoring this so far lets you know that…
  • PWI you do know that people can actually take you to court right? When you make a promise especially in ‘’writing’’ you have created a contact between you and your customers. So it’s up to you to fulfil your promise, there’s no amount of small print can save your a.ss. Besides this is not one off mistake, you do this all…
  • Considering how much money you guys leech off people, you guys need to employ some people who are "capable" of doing the job properly maybe also hire some good coders, I mean my god so many glitches in game. I think my grandma can do a better job lol ;)