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  • what's the point of replying to some1's post if you have nothing helpful to offer? if u can't help or offer a solution you are not needed in this thread. there are plenty of other threads where u can troll ppl and offer your "sage" advice.
  • i have been experiencing the same problem for the past 4 days. i can browse the internet and play other online games as well as another mmo i play but as soon as i try to log into arc, it says connection timeout check your network connection. i scanned my pc and it says that nothing is wrong with my connection or firewall…
  • i agree, it's a waste. the fairy box keys, mystical pills,daily bounty order, reflection shard, divine ticket and nirvana pass are all a waste of space and useless. i can't remember the last time i saw a fairy box drop in tt or the last time any1 wc for nirvana pass.
  • I noticed my character name was censored. grapeslushy is apparently a nasty, bad word that needs to be censored as g****slusy in wc,sqd,normal and whisp chat. you can still type di*k but not grape in game lol so im guessing its the g''****" part in grape either way i find it stupid but pwi is full of stupid things