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  • Since the event isn't happening, can all the registered players receive a consolation prize? Codes for first or second place rewards wouldn't be bad. People worked hard to communicate and assemble teams, so I don't think a small reward is unfitting. Registered teams:…
  • You only spent the gold required to qualify for the promotion once. People who did not spend the gold to qualify didn't get any. There doesn't seem to be anything out of place. But I'll leave it up to the forum warriors to complain until I get my Althea too. :p
  • This is posted on Wyvelin's channel Wyvelin PWI. It is a Venomancer-based channel. She's one of the best Venomancer players on Twilight Temple. The project was supposed to be an over-developed joke to celebrate my return to the game a month ago. Most of it was completed very early, but we're all busy people. "Detect pots…
  • Required Items: Conflaguration Mount Jade of Steady Defense. Mounts (All Max speed 11.00m/s): Dark Abyss Mount Golden Steed Blazing Tempest Terror of the Deep Golden Riding Dog Ancestrial Horror Pets: Giant Bunny Pet Little Star Pet Egg Order Badges: Commander Badge: Luminance Warrior Badge: Corona Vanguard Badge: Shroud…
  • How am I the only one that sees the possibility that the token will remain a token and people who didn't spend 1,200 won't get a card? Facts: =No one got a card yet. =GM message says that repeat rewards are possible if you were mistakenly given a token. Tokens are just tokens, not cards. They never promised to exchange the…
  • I'll be the skeptic here and say that while people who received the mount and the Althea token will indeed get another mount and Althea token for participating in the promo, but only 1 token will be exchanged for the card. They will have the duplicate Althea token as a souvenir only.
  • Regarding your question about spending 1,200 gold for Althea, you seem to have answered your own question. Actually spend 1,200 gold for this promo to be sure you receive it. That is... the purpose of the spend promo they are advertising after all. I spent another 1,200 this time, and I'll contact customer service if I…
  • The 1,200 reward for the placeholder item was only sent to people who spent from 0-1,200 AFTER 8/16 maintenance even though the promotion ran from 8/13-8/21. I am not sure what the reason for that is, but that is what has transpired. Anyone who didn't get an Astrid Token will need to submit a ticket to customer service.…
  • Can't w8 to bully jsxshadow in xTW. He's going to be disarmed and I'm going to go bam-bam-bam.
  • The Ultimate spend promos with Nuema Portal Cards were very popular on my server, will we start seeing those again in the future? Why did you guys choose Astrid for the banner on the news page? Is she the team's favorite, or just Domino's favorite? Astrid and Lorelei are my favorite ones.
  • Seems like a lot of people are getting hotheaded over having their hard-earned R9R3 being called PVE set by the CM. With just a hint of common sense, I'm sure that this community can come to the conclusion that the memo from PWI to PWCN was mistranslated, with the originally saying: R9R3 obtainable through PVE methods: WS…
  • I have gotten to Tier 9, but did not receive the Tier 9 reward. The promo seem to have been shut off prematurely. Unfortunately, I did not take a screenshot of the S chest for Tier 7, but I have a screenshot of the promo dates. So this promo has 2 issues: 1. Tier 7 promised S chest, but sent out A…
  • Well... don't let us bully you into quitting. Hoorah did that to "top" factions on Twilight Temple server and now we're lacking activity in NW. Shot ourselves in the foot there. :(
  • I saw your squad for the majority of the NW so I know you didn't win any fights in 2 hours It's a shame we didn't get a chance to fight better players on the server... I can only attend NW once a week.
  • Chinatown people came expecting to bully the Sanctuary people, but got stomped and started gathering allies from all Sanctuary guilds just to fight Hoorah. It is obvious even to an outsider. No trash talk whatsoever. Chinatown now PKs with 4-5 PVE server factions, still manages to lose. So much for PVP server dominance.…
  • I demand compensation for east coast servers being down (resulting in supply token glitch) even though my server was completely unaffected. Come on, you guys did it last time. b:chuckle I would appreciate it if PWE explored the same logic to handle this situation.
  • I don't have any suggestions, but I did a dragon den run by myself-- meaning that the run is slower paced, and you can observe all the boss's patterns. Maybe you can watch the video and look for clues.