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  • Perhaps be thankfull for any translations at all? I dont know chinese, do you? Did what i could to translate as good as i could, if you can do better feel free to do so instead complain. Preety sure i said "poorly translated" also " Feel free to make it better for understanding". It's people like you that make people like…
  • If this translation is correct: FELLOW FISHIES!!!! Assassin Skills Rising Dragon Strike Range: 4.5 m Mana: 155 Channel: 0.1 sec. Cast: 1.0 seconds. Cooldown: 30.0 seconds. Weapon: Daggers Inflicts base physical damage plus 200% weapon damage plus 6415. Chi gained: 150. Never misses. Sage: 180 Chi generated. Demon: Cooldown…
  • Easy fix: Send everyone a code for a name changer (time limit to use 24h). :#
  • yeah those seem much better than how we see it and how some people see them (white)! b:victory gj
  • Apparently the white ones are the true look of it since even on reliable websites about it those daggers appear on white which isnt bad. Anyways everyone has the right to their opinions about what they like or they don't b:chuckle the screen of those: http://www.ecatomb.net/arme/weapon21/r101(2).jpg
  • b:laugh it sure fits the skill... and true about that all but the only thing i really blaming is the effect haha i could blame about much other stuff but that theres already many people doing so i decided to blame on something else (joke!)
  • haha that true actually, but i dont mean that it should have damage increased (at least subsea) just a apearance change... cant get to like the effect :P but thank you for the observation b:victory
  • i agree on that, "looks fine" even so rift could be a little better, ill just link something that i think that could be some sort of an example but i dont ask something like that either. If so i would just play that b:chuckle that circle aoe that resemble holy path circle effect look way better than Subsea Strike nomatter…